Monday, February 15, 2010

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 2.12.10

Shawn Reed/Alan Steele on top
Eric Wayne/Dustin Starr bottom

----This was my first show since October and I was treated to the first official TV tapings for New Experience Wrestling’s My MS debut.  This promotion has spent over a year getting ready to tape TV.  Every week making slight changes in production and roster.  They put on a really good 1 hour show and this will come across as a good TV show.  I would like to make note that the stars that I give the matches really will not be much, because all matches were designed as quick TV type matches.

----Kevin Charles beat Dan Matthews with a quick roll up.  Good interview from Charles.  Matthews needs work on his mic skills, but both are pretty much the same in ring skills at this point.  Matthews has that old school look and they did to expand on that.  Just solid work basic psychology. [**]

----Alan Steele/Shawn Reed interview.  Good job.

----Dustin “Five” Starr used the tights to beat Mike Anthony in solid bout.  Nothing wrong with the bout, but as I said, just a TV bout to get Starr over.  Anthony is improving and could easily be a major asset to this group down the road.  Starr’s body looked tremendous and he is heads above everyone in this area with his body. Starr missed a standing moonsault.  Anthony has some really good dropkicks.  [**1/2]

----“Five Starr” Showcase with Dustin bringing out Ken Wayne to demand a match against Eric Wayne for the US Jr Title.  Wayne says that Starr has done a good job so far, but he has not proven himself yet.  Austin Lane comes out and says no one is stepping over him for his title shot.  Lane vs Starr is made for next week. [RRO’s Top Ranked Guys 2009] Real good segment.

----Austin Lane beat Justin Smart with his submission finisher “Final Cut” [Rings of Saturn]. Solid TV bout with both guys working hard.  Lane is really over with the crowd.  They did a fun series of slaps that the crowd loved.  Lane would yell and then the crowd would yell.  Smart missed a blockbuster and Lane won the bout. [**3/4]

----Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels beat Alan Steele/ Shawn Reed.  A real good solid bout.  This match would fit on anyone’s card in this area and be heads above a lot of people.  This was a short bout, but they did double heat along with a hot tag.  Wayne hit Reed with a german suplex for the win.  Starr jumped Wayne after the match and then Steele/Reed jumped on Kid.  Lane came running in as the TV show went off the air. [***]


----55+ in the crowd…Matthews reminds me of Brent Albright…Lane is wrestling with a broken bone in his forearm...Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe were the refs...They are still calling Anthony “milk dud”??  Anthony had a pretty good interview saying he did not care who he wrestled…The crowd was so noisy when Starr came on the screen I could not hear his interview. Someone also called Starr “Johnny Bravo”, which I thought was funny…The only thing I did not like about Starr’s “Showcase” interview was that he put down Lane’s body, but in reality, as I have said, no one compares to Starr right now. Starr is only here for a few of weeks...I love the team of Reed/Steele.  They need a good catchy name – “Juicy and All That” ??  LOL  This is the kind of tag team that if they worked this total area it would be hard to not vote for them for tag team of the year.  Both are excellent on the mic and in the ring…Nikels is the star here.  Even though you got guys like Starr, Steele and Lane that have been around a while, Nikels comes off as a total star.  Crowd is up as soon as he comes out and his interviews are totally different than anything in the area…Eric has improved his body a bit – second best behind Starr on this roster…I had the chance to talk to almost every one of the guys on this roster and they are “fired up” about TV.  It all comes off as a team working towards one goal – put on a good TV show….Good flow with the show as each match got better.