Friday, February 05, 2010

Cheap Heat by Gene Jackson


Well folks it's already February and another year is rolling right along. It's been an interesting one so far. After stating numerous times that I'd "never set foot in a wrestling ring again" so many before me, I did just that not once but TWICE a couple of weeks ago. Since I have been losing weight I've been feeling a lot better and got the urge to get in the ring at least one more time. I went down to Tupelo to work for TFW since my friend Tony Dabbs was nice enough to agree to let me work a couple of tag matches there. I went on Jan. 22nd teaming with my buddy Neil against Tony and a guy named A.N.T. Neil and I had Al Hall in our corner which was a lot of fun...Al is hilarious. Even the old Bad Boys referee Buster McCarter was there and refereed our it was like going back in time getting to wrestle Tony teaming with Neil.....with Buster as the referee and Sammy Hall watching on from the back.

The match of course was not a technical masterpiece with me being involved but it was fun and I think it was entertaining for the small amount of people who were there. The match ended with me pinning Tony leading to a rematch the next Friday with Tony bringing in Mickey Ray from the Family of Pain to face Southern Destruction in what was supposed to be my "last match"........well thanks to the snow and ice last weekend neither Mickey or myself could get to Tupelo so that match didn't happen...perhaps sometime in the near future.......

So...back to my big wrestling weekend......since we were in Mississippi, my girlfriend and I decided to ride with Neil on Saturday night to Kosciusko to watch the show down there. As always I brought my gear "just in case" but really didn't plan on doing anything but watching the show and seeing some old friends I hadn't seen in a while.....Well Neil went in when we got there and got me on the show so the next thing you know I'm getting ready to work my second match in two days after not wrestling for about 5/6 years.

From my understanding the show was being ran by CJ Cash. The first person I ran into was J.D. Mckay and we talked for a bit and he told me he would be working Mitch Toretta....who apparently has adopted Chris Kilgore's snake........Anyways...I went in the dressing room and I honestly didn't know many of the folks in there at the time....I mean I knew who they were but never met any of them before. Cameron Valentine, Precious, etc.

In turn most of them didn't know me either....and the few that did, knew me as that guy that writes shit on BT's I'm sure people were wondering why I was working. The show was ran pretty well....the building was nice, the crowd was good....however things were confusing at first. I was told at one point I'd be wrestling Johnny Morton......then I was told I would be working Suicide in the opening match.....then I was told I was teaming with J.D. in a tag.......then I heard J.D. and I were doing a six man tag.....then someone said I was tagging with Neil......they finally settled on J.D. and I against Full Scale Assault.

Full Scale Assault is Xander Raines and Jason Steele. I'd never met these guys before but they were super nice guys and really easy to work with. We went out and had about a 15 minute match (that was supposed to be 10 but you know how that goes) the crowd was up the whole match and it was fun. I'd like to work with these guys again sometime.

After this match I realized that maybe I wasn't done wrestling....I had a good time and my back wasn't really hurting me like it had maybe if I keep losing weight I might wrestle a little more often....especially now that I'm with someone who actually LIKES wrestling and likes traveling to shows......there is one catch though. As I was telling Neil riding the 4 hours back to Fulton, it just seems weird walking out there as "Gene Jackson".....I dropped the "War Machine" name when Rhino started using it.....and the 'Big Pimpin' gimmick is way too dated so I think if I'm going to continue to work I need to distance the "website guy" from the "wannabe wrestler" so I'm working on a new masked gimmick to reinvent myself to make myself more marketable to get booked on shows and to distinguish between the two personalities. Look for the new gimmick to turn up somewhere in Mississippi or Alabama in maybe late March or so.

Well that's all for this week, I'll be back with more soon. I'm also working with someone on putting together a big fundraiser show here in Alabama for the American Cancer Society that's gonna be sponsored by my should be happening in May or perhaps June....if anyone is interested in getting booked as it gets closer contact me at