Thursday, February 04, 2010

Coach's Corner "Inside the Brain of Brian" by Brian Tramel

----As I sit here getting ready to write my bi-weekly column, I noticed it is right in the middle of the slowest week of news probably since this site started.  Mother Nature walked thru and canceled all the shows, except only a few and no big news coming out of it.  Even the area wrestlers that worked for WWE this past week have not sparked real news. I really had a few things I wanted to talk about and not really just in-depth and not even the one liners like my “just saying” piece last year.  So these are just some things that have been going thru my head during a slow week.

----EPW is my favorite promotion right now.  What??  Yes, they are my favorite promotion to BASH!!  And I got a yahoo message this past week that said, “Why do you hate EPW so much?”  And my response, well..I don’t hate them – but they suck.  That’s right I think they suck.  Get over it!!  I was down there and almost quit my web site because they embarrass this area so much.  Buddy Diliberto was the man who first stated that if the Saints made the Super Bowl that he would wear a dress. Let me just say here – if anyone on the current EPW roster ever gets a contract with the WWE or TNA – I will wear a dress and walk down the main street of Booneville, MS in it!!

----I have learn from time to time while doing this site that kayfabe does still exist.  At times, I am kept in the dark, because people don’t want their business on the web site.  It even surprises me when I look at the hit history of the site.  This site is seen by a lot of important people in this business – not just in this area.  And, after giving Jason the Brain a little hell, I do see why at times it is best just to not put anyone over.  Some people do not belong in the wrestling business [and some of you reading this probably think I am one of], but at times you just have to go with the flow.  Sometimes you have to stand up and say what is right or wrong.  Some things said that night are unforgiveable to me and I think if everyone knew the whole story, they would be shocked.  Suicide became my favorite mid-level card guy [sorry Dell Tucker] though after talking with a few people.  After all is said and done, it is STILL not ok to put up a story about an injury as if it is a work, when it is legit.  No one believes that crap anymore – or those guys would be in jail!!

----Rumors are always running wild…much like Hulkamania.  [Sorry I could not resist.]  I hate to admit this, but I do read my critics.  I have to sort them from constructive to those that just make you laugh to those that just hate me.  I have listened to many famous people [no..not saying I am famous] that say that you can either take them in strive or just dread reading them.  I love it!! Thanks for putting me over!!  I am writing not only my opinion, but I truly think that I am the voice of many in this area.  Rumors are just that and I have to answer them sometimes.  Yes, I am gay.  Yes, I am on steroids.  [I am being sarcastic here..or I am?] I hate it though when all people can talk about is how I “fixed” the awards when I spent HOURS going thru all of them and the people coming to this site VOTED ON THEM!!  I invite you to my home and you can go thru all those ballots and I promise you – you will get the same results as I did.

----I got to be honest here, I am a mark for Greg Anthony the performer – “The Golden Boy” is one of the best workers in this area.  He knows his stuff and has a great wrestling mind.  But, I didn’t vote for him as columnist.  He just wasn’t my favorite, because at times I thought, “is this the same thing I just read??’ But..ever since he won the award, it seems he has picked up the pace and I have enjoyed him more than I did last year.  But..another "but" here…Pokerface has to be my favorite columnist right now.  I find myself just dying to open the e-mail and see what he said for the new column.  Maybe someday, when they retire and I am dead & gone, PKO and TGB can take control of RRO.  They both got me as a fan and I promise you that and when I make a promise…wait..

----Does it make a difference in your attendance if you are not covered on RRO??  Not sure.  I do know that when I go to a show, there are people that come, because I state I am coming to the show.  If it is only 5 people per show, then you are looking at pay for at least one worker.  There are promotions in this area that wait until the week of their big show and want me to put it over.  You can’t follow the build up because..well there is no TV and no build up!!  Take a look at the attendance of big shows that RRO covered, that were advertised like they should be advertised and they featured known talent – there were people in the building!!  No, it is not just RRO covering your promotion, but why do they expect me to put you over, when they can’t even take 5 minutes to send in results??  It might be time to “tunnel” our vision even more and just cover those guys that take the time to send stuff??  For those that say I don’t need that crap, I don’t have to advertise and I use local talent – then keep promoting putting over crappy shows that no one wants to see or even great shows that 50 people are attending.

----In a week that snow and ice made it difficult to get out and go to wrestling, the news has been slow.  Nothing happening, so nothing happens on the site. I mean Seth Knight's major tweet this week has been "Sitting at the liquor store picking up my girl from work." [Am I the only one that misses his columns???] I hope you have enjoyed a look into my brain.  And as my favorite columnist says, “Keep your pimp hand strong..” [Wow..that just doesn’t sound the same with me saying that; does it??]