Sunday, February 28, 2010

From the Desk of Brian Tramel

----I would like to thank Ken Wayne and the crew at NEW for a great time I had Friday night at the RRO Awards Ceremony.  Thanks to all the guys that received their awards and had such nice things to say about them.  Arena Report will be posted next Sunday after the show airs on TV this coming Saturday night.

----Quick results posted below from EWE last night for "February Fallout" in Ripley, TN.  I will hopefully have an Arena Report of the show posted early this week.  Overall a really good show!! Not one bad match on the show.  A crazy wild brawl, almost a riot and just a tremendous main event.  Crowd was in the 150 range and very hot!! 

----Thanks to everyone that bought the Yearbook the first two nights!!  Thanks to all that have received them and sent in compliments about it being "the best one yet."  BTW..[shameless plug] you can buy yourself a copy by going to the right hand corner of this blog and get your book shipped PRIORITY for only one penny extra!!

Quick Results 2.27.10

-Tatt2 beat Gaylon Ray
-"The Prodigies" [Rockin Randy/Dell Tucker] beat "Rhythm & Blues" [Ike Tucker/Brian Steele] with Rick Marx
-Rude beat Tommy Redneck
-Jon Michael beat Cody Melton
-Flash Flanagan/Tommy Jones/JR Manson beat "LSD" [Idol Bane/Cody Only/Deadly Dale]
-Christian Jacobs beat Derrick King