Sunday, February 28, 2010

In Case You Missed It!! Danny B Shoots??

----D-Rock had a huge report on last week's IWA TV show - 2.20.10 - over at  CLICK HERE to read it.

----Big story this morning over at has Danny B Goode shooting in an interview at XOW and apparently things "were getting a bit too heated." Rule of thumb is that when a worker says, "This is a shoot.", then it is not one.  It will be interesting to see where XOW goes with this. Here is the story...

Tonight, at the XOW show that took place in Hernando, several strange events occurred, involving Danny B.

First, before the match was getting ready to begin, Danny went off on the mic, blasting the promotion for not having the cage that was advertised and claimed they were cheating the people. Referee Chris P. Fries explained that they had a flat and could not deliver the cage in time for the match. Danny B. made some disparaging remarks to Chris P. and got right in his face, telling him, "This is a shoot!"

Later, after the end of an incredible and crazy main event, Danny B. hit Mickey Ray with several stiff chair shots and challenged any of the guys in the back that had something to say to come on down to the ring. Syn, who was watching the show in the crowd, came to check on Mickey Ray. Syn told Danny, "That's enough", but Danny kept going off on his tirade. The fans left because things were getting a bit too heated.

XOW's Tony Watts asked me if I would post his response to Danny B's strange situation that transpired Saturday night.

FEBRUARY 27, 2010

WARNING: Due to some strong language, this may not be suitable for all viewers

Tonight, at XOW we had a problem with Danny B. He shot on me. He shot on these fans. I bent over backwards for that man and he shit on me. I'm not playing that game. I'm sorry that the cage could not get here, tonight, but due to financial reasons we could not get the cage here.

I have sweat, bled and cried for this company. Me and my son sets this ring up to give these guys a place to work. If they disrespect me like Danny B. did tonight, they will not be working on a XOW show.

Appreciate everyone that's been with XOW from day one. I'm sorry I can't have everyone that I would like. I'm taking a couple months off and XOW will come back, bigger and better than ever!

These fans are the ones that paid their hard earned money to come watch the show and I'll be damned if anyone is going to shit on them!

More to come, later. I've got a lot on my mind.

Full reports and pictures from Saturday's IWA and XOW shows to be posted in the next couple days. Great day of wrestling that was lots of fun despite the bizarre way the night ended.

Story By D-Rock