Thursday, February 11, 2010

LSD Leaves ASWF: The Story

----I got this last night in my e-mail and it says it is post at LSD's myspace blog, but I can't get that site to work, so I am just posting it here.  David Walls may respond at anytime, if he wishes.  Also, posted on myspace - LSD debuts at EWE in Ripley, TN this coming Saturday night!!

While training with a "trainee" of David Walls and Tommy Wayne's. We were running the guantlet with him. He was getting blown up and wasn't getting up to finish the round of moves. We told him that there isn't time in a match to stop and take a break. The "trainee" also said we had to take it easy on him because he's a seizure patient. Deadly Dale said, "Well maybe you're in the wrong business". Cody Only may have used some "colorful" language to get their message across. The so-called "trainee" took offense to Only's coaching and some other words were exchanged...the "trainee" then said he was quitting and attempted to get out of the ring and was kicked out of the ring by Deadly Dale. The "trainee" threatened to call police for being kicked by Deadly, then proceeded to say we were being too rough on him and we were disrespecting him. To which Cody Only replied, "You don't deserve any respect! Respect has to be earned! I was shit on the whole time I trained, and for the next two years after that! You're nobody special!" Another witness to the incident told LSD that David Walls was at the concession stand watching the entire incident and walked away when his name was mentioned.

The "trainee" then went running to David Walls. David then comes out to the ring bitching at Tommy Wayne saying he's the only one that's suppose to be working with this guy. He's acting all pissy about this and is clearly talking about US, but the whole time does not even look at us. This was the thing that topped off a whole pile of stupid stuff that's been stacking up for a while. The fact that he chose this guy, who is mentally challenged and the biggest mark in the building, over us was total disrepect. Deadly responded, "Well Fuck it, we'll leave!" At this point, Idol stopped David as he was walking toward the front door and tried to explain the situation. David spouted off, "We don't need you!" in response to Deadly saying, "I'm out of here!" This was the point where Idol had had enough and said, "Fuck it, we're out of here!" So we grabbed our bags and left right then.

This was the final straw in a long list of disrespectful and idiotic things that we have had to endure during our tenure there at ASWF. David Walls, plain and simple, DOES NOT belong in the wrestling business. If he actually had any clue about this business then maybe he wouldn't be losing three of his most over guys due to a "trainee" that WILL NOT do anything in this business and shouldn't. David X has never trained to wrestle. So how does he have any clue of what the training process for this business should be like? When training, aren't you supposed to push the trainees to see if they have the guts to make it in this business. Always thought that was how it was done.

For the people that continue to attend ASWF shows...please know that and every time that he puts on his Demon X mask and steps into the ring, he disgraces this business and showing his total lack of respect for the boys and the business. In conclusion, we want to once again say thank you to all the LSD fans in the Tuckerman area for your support and watch for updates on where LSD will be appearing nex

-Labeled Social Deviants-