Sunday, February 07, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 2.06.10

Austin Lane started the show stating that the previous night he suffered an injury to his left forearm. He was wearing a soft cast, Austin stated that he would go to the doctor immediately after the show, but since the fans paid to see him, he wanted to make an appearance before he went to have his arm checked. Lane was interrupted by “3G” Eric Wayne, stating that Lane was faking his injury to avoid having a match. Eric stated that all he ever heard was the crowd chant “Austin, Austin” at every ASWF show, which brought the crowd to it’s feet chanting Austin’s name. Wayne asked Austin about his match of the year award, that they won against each other. Wayne then asked who won that match. Leading to Eric Wayne challenging Austin to a match for the ASWF title. Commissioner Ricky Roland then came saying that Austin and Eric could not wrestle tonight due to Austin’s injury. The match was eventually made as a non-sanctioned, non-title match to take place later that night.

First match: Lee Michaels and Kaliki defeated The Enforcer and Sancho Libre in tag action
Second match: Christopher Lee retained his Xtreme Divison Championship against Joshua Cross
Third Match: “ The Odd Couple” Dan Matthews/Kevin Charles defeated “Team Old School” Johnny Hawk/Hot Rod in 2/3 falls match when Hot Rod tapped to Dan’s cloverleaf submission
Fourth match: Demon X lost to “Superstar” Bill Dundee in a Loser wears a dress match after Kid Nikels came from the back to knock Demon X out with a flapjack. Demon X must now wear a dress every week until he wins a match.

Fifth match: In a non-sanctioned, non-title match, Eric Wayne defeated Austin Lane after making Austin pass out with an arm bar submission to Austin’s injured arm. Afterwards, Eric attempted to injure Austin’s arm further by placing it in between a steel chair and climbing to the second rope. Several ASWF wrestlers came to Austin’s aid to protect him. Austin was eventually helped to the back to a standing ovation.
Sixth match: Steel Cage Match: “Southern Submission Machine” Wild Bill defeated European X-Caliber by escaping through the cage door.
Seventh match: Steel Cage Tag Title Match: CM2 defeated Kid Nikels/Seth Sabor by exiting the cage after Seth and Cason escaped. Afterwards Cody Murdoch defeated Kid Nikels by hitting his Jake Brake finisher for a pin fall
Next week, fallout from cage match. Demon X in a dress. Austin’s possibly broken arm.
Credit: Terrance Ward @
----I am getting all kinds of stories coming out of this show - even some of rumors of a ASWF superstar going to jail??  This has not be confirmed yet!!