Sunday, February 14, 2010

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 2.06.10 - Pokerface wins Title back!!

Match 1: Logan Adams vs Shawn Reed vs Jon Allen
-a no contest b/c of the Gorillaz coming in and beating on everyon!

Matc 2: Angelina vs Candy
wins via roll up pinfall

Match 3: Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique vs Pimptacular
-Pimp gets the victory via pinfall


Match 4: Ron McClarity vs Kolby Stern
-winner via pinfall Ron McClarity

Match 5: Southside Brawler vs Mike Anthony
-winner via pinfall Southside

Match 6: Poker Face vs Lucky (DCW Heaveyweight Title Match)
-winner and NEW DCW Champion once gain Poker Face via pinfall

crowd was around 75...

----This was from last Saturday, not last night...As you can tell crowds have really took a hit here.  I would keep the core guys, but do some major roster changes to keep everything interesting. 

Credit: JP Perryman