Monday, February 15, 2010

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 2.13.10

Pokerface (w/ Michael Ward) interview. Poker brings out Angelina and mentions she has seen the light. As she runs down the crowd, Jazz interrupts her and talks about Angelina turning her back on the people and on her after she helped her out. Jazz also brings up Pokerface roughing her up and cuffing her to the ropes several months ago when he won the DCW title from Rodney Mack. When it looks like Poker and Angelina are going to gang up on Jazz, Marty Graw makes the save. He says Jazz called him up to help out with a problem in DCW and sets up a mixed tag match for later.

- "Hardway" Rod Price defeated John Allen with a powerslam

- Boss defeated Chelios Adams (w/ JB Hayes) of the Alliance of Violence by DQ due to interference from Logan Adams. Ron McClarity hits the ring and appears ready to help AOV, but attacks them instead. This leads into.....

- Ron McClarity defeated Logan Adams (w/ JB Hayes) by DQ due to interference from Chelios Adams. Afterward, McClarity acknowledges the battles he and Boss have had and offers to be his tag partner against AOV next week. Boss accepts.

Mike Anthony interview. Claims the spotlight belongs to him, that he is the crown jewel of DCW and the future of wrestling. J.D. Kerry's music hits and he hits the ring on Anthony, getting the better of him with punches. Kerry challenges Anthony to a match and he accepts.

- J.D. Kerry defeated Mike Anthony with a frog splash

Natural Born Playaz interview. Southside Brawler mentions wanting a piece of Pokerface and a shot at the DCW title. Pimptacular is in the ring and receives a phone call. He tells Southside he has to leave and takes off for the front door. Rodney Mack hits the ring and attacks Southside. He screams at the fans for disrespecting him and says he's going to show them just who he is. He continues the attack and says he needs no support from the fans, who disgust him. Southside staggers to his feet and challenges Mack to a match in two weeks.

- Jazz and Marty Graw defeated Angelina and DCW Champion Pokerface (w/ Michael Ward) when Jazz pinned Angelina following a Jazz Stinger


-Angelena turned last week.

- Rod Price is the same Rod Price from Global and ECW

- Marty Graw is a Louisiana-based worker

- I hate to even guess on the crowd.  I would say 85-90-ish.

----I think Price actually help train Jazz and Rodney Mack...So did Mack turn completely here??