Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 02.06.10

Show starts with DK and his "Entourage" (Cody Melton and Micheal Gilbert) in the ring. DK starts off asking the audience if they came up with a name for the newly changed February big event. He takes ideas form the audience only to reveal that he has already thought of his on name for the event. It will be called "February Fallout" Feb 27th. He then goes on to call Mark Tipton into the ring to question him about why he reversed his decision last week causing DK to lose to Ike Tucker in a karaoke sing off. Mark Tipton says he stands by his decision. DK threatens to fire Tipton when Stan Lee's music hits and he enters the ring. Lee tells DK that he has done everything he's asked since he won total control of EWE last month at Aftermath. Lee goes on to say that he may have lost last week against DK and his entourage, but he did get what he asked for which was a match and that's all he could ask for. Lee says that this is a new week and he's showed up to work again and he wants another match. Apparently either DK admires or is annoyed by Lee's resilience so he tells him he has another match this week against Micheal Gilbert. Lee leaves the ring as DK goes on to briefly talk about Jon Michael and how he must have quit because he walked out on him last week and he's nowhere to be found tonight. DK starts to say that nobody cares about Jon Michael anyways so onto other news. At that point, the EWE champion, Christian Jacob's music hits and he enters the ring. CJ is obviously irritated by DK and tells him that he's sick of hearing him talk, sick of him abusing his power, and sick of him threatening everyone. CJ tells him if he wants to pick on someone, why doesn't he pick on the EWE champ himself. DK says that if he's trying to say he wants a match with him tonight then it's... NOT going to happen. But.. What CJ is going to do is defend his EWE title tonight against the #1 contender, Cody Melton. CJ says that's fine and that two things are going to happen. He's going to remain EWE champion, and as long as he's the champ and DK is still the boss, he's going to make his life a living hell!

-Dell Tucker/Rockin Randy vs JR Manson/Tommy Jones-
Tucker/Randy make their way to the ring. They take the mic and tell the audience that there are no tag teams left in EWE because they've beaten them all. They go on to say that since there are no legitimate tag teams in EWE, besides them, they are openly challenging any team, make-shift or legitimate, to a match right now. A few seconds pass and JR Manson/Tommy Jones make their way to the ring to answer the challenge. The match goes back and forth until Tucker/Randy get the advantage on Jones. Jones manages to get the tag to Manson. Manson cleans house and tags Jones back in. Jones off the top with a double cross body. Jones hits Tucker with a finishing maneuver near the ropes. Jones makes the pin and gets the win. Ref raises a shocked Manson/Jones arms for the win. Meanwhile, Randy is placing Tucker's foot on the rope. Ref turns around and notices it and is forced to restart the match. Manson/Jones are caught off-guard. Tucker/Randy toss Manson out of the ring as Jones turns around into their finisher. Tucker/Randy get the win on Jones.

-Tommy Redneck vs Rude-

Redneck gets himself intentionally disqualified, which he's been doing alot lately. Rude is highly aggravated and tells the audience, ref, and Redneck that he wasn't leaving until he beat Redneck fair and square. He storms the ring and picks up where he left off. Meanwhile the ref has started a new match apparently. Rude winds up getting a fair win.

-Stan Lee vs Micheal Gilbert-

Lee hits the Frog Splash and goes for the pin when DK comes running down the ramp. Lee spots DK and cuts him off on the outside. Lee chases DK around and through the ring. As Lee is chasing DK through the ring he runs into a spinebuster from Micheal Gilbert. Gilbert gets the win. After the match, DK orders Gilbert to give Lee two more spinebusters. As Lee's lying in ring, DK tells him he has another match next week. Only this time he's wrestling the 7ft tall giant.. Scott Adams!

-Derrick King vs Ike Tucker-

Great match between these two. Alot of heat stemming from the lose of the karaoke sing off last week. DK hits the superkick for the win in the end.

EWE Title Match
-Cody Melton vs Christian Jacobs-

Another great, back and forth match. CJ hits the spear on Melton for a near fall. CJ locks in the Sharpshooter with Melton about to tap when DK runs in and causes the disqualification. DK delivers a superkick to Jacobs for his actions earlier that night and leaves the ring.

-Flash Flanagan vs Brian Christopher-

BC has apparently aligned with DK and his entourage at the beginning of the match. Alot of twists and turns, match is thrown out, Jacobs winds up hitting the ring, and BC eventually turns on DK and his entourage. Flash, Jacobs, and BC clean house leaving DK and entourage steaming on the floor while they celebrate in the ring.
----Not sure what the crowd was, but the booking sounds like a lot of fun.  Flash looks to be back for now and they are pushing CJ hard as the new champ.  Jon Michael possibly turning??