Sunday, February 14, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 02.13.10

Show starts with Dustin Baker making some quick announcements regarding "February Fallout" and that tonight, matches for Fallout will be made. He goes on to say enough about the 27th, he wants to talk about tonight. He says that he has no card for tonight, but that's ok because he's going to make sure the fans get want they want. At that point, Christian Jacob's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He says he heard that the fans are going to get what they want and he thinks the fans might like to see him get a match with Derrick King tonight! Before Baker can say a word, KC Gold's music interrupts and he enters the ring. Gold says that that match won't take place tonight because Derrick King isn't here. Gold turns his attention to Baker and informs him that he didn't get a card because he(Gold) was appointed commissioner for the night to make sure everything runs smoothly. Baker is curious as to why DK would leave the show to Gold seeing as Gold called DK a cancer to the company a month ago. Gold tells Baker that everything is squared away and he will be working for Gold tonight. Jacobs interrupts and tells Gold to deliver a message to Derrick King. He tells Gold that Derrick may have gotten everything he wanted, but the one thing he doesn't have is around his waist. Jacobs then makes a challenge. Jacobs says if DK really wants it all then he and Derrick can do this at "February Fallout" in two weeks. He will defend his title against DK, but with one condition. If DK loses, the company comes back to where it belongs, the EWE! Gold, with a confused look on his face asks Jacobs if what he's asking for is a match with DK at "February Fallout" where Jacobs will defend his title, but if DK loses then complete control of the company is back in the hands of EWE? Jacobs tells him he is exactly right. Gold tells him he'll call DK and he'll have an answer by the end of the night. Gold then tells Jacobs to not go anywhere because he's got a match and it's now.

-Christian Jacobs/JR Manson/Tommy Jones vs LSD (Idol Bane/Deadly Dale/Cody Only)-

 This was LSD's debuting match in EWE and it was impressive. LSD gets the win after hitting Jones with their "Dead Body Drop" finisher.

-Bishop vs Tat2-

Bishop enters the ring with the mic and reminds the audience that he is the one responsible for putting Seth Knight on the shelf. He is also responsible for causing Jon Michael to quit, walk out, or whatever he has decided to do because he's scared of what he could do to him if he ever showed back up. Bishop says that since he's got them out of the way, the only thing left to do is take out the man on top.. Christian Jacobs. Tat2's music hits and he makes his way to the ring to tell Bishop that he shouldn't be worried about Jacobs or anybody else for that matter because he's got another match with him tonight and goes on to remind Bishop that he actually beat him a few weeks ago and tonight he's going to do it again.. Another great match between these two with Bishop catching Tat2 out of mid air with a powerbomb for the win.

-Rude vs Motley Cruz-

Another impressive debut as Motley Cruz picks up the win over Rude.

-Interview w/ Ike Tucker-

Tucker calls KC Gold to the ring to give him a piece of his mind. He tells Gold that since Derrick King has taken over this company all he's had is problems. Tucker says he's had one, actually two, problems in particular.. "The Prodigies". He says that they keep sticking their noses in his business and he wants to solve the problem once and for all. So Tucker asks Gold to make a tag match for "February Fallout" because the boys will be back in town that night.. Ike Tucker and Brian Steele.. Rhythm & Blues! Gold tells Tucker if he wants it then he's got it. Suddenly "The Prodigies" attack Tucker from behind and leave him laying on the floor to be carried away by security. They grab the mic and tell the audience that that was what happens to people that try to challenge them. They continue to say that the open challenge is still open so if any real team is back there to come on out. All lights go out in the building and a video begins playing. The video is for none other than the returning "Genocide"!
-"The Prodigies" (Dell Tucker/Rockin Randy) vs "Genocide" (Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin)-
Match starts off hot with both teams fighting on the outside. They make their way back into the ring to start the match only to end up on the outside again later. Ref goes down at one point. Lots of fighting on the floor with weapons being used. Rhino has one of "The Prodigies" pinned, but ref stops the count and disqualifies "Genocide" when he notices a foreign object in the ring.

-Stan Lee vs Scott Adams-
This match was made by Derrick King last week. Match starts out with a lot of ducking and dodging from Lee. Adams eventually catches Lee and proceeds to pummel him for basically the rest of the match. Lee is hit with a chokeslam from the ring apron, over the top rope, back into the ring at one point. Match is thrown out after Adams refuses to stop beating Lee in the corner. At this point, Adams makes his way to the announcers table and sets it up near the ring apron. Adams pulls Lee out of the ring and attempts to powerbomb Lee through the table. Lee manages to escape from Adams shoulders to the nearby ring post and delivers a boot to Adams head. As the big man is staggering back, Lee jumps off to attack him but is caught and thrown back into the ring. Adams makes his way back in the ring, sets Lee back up for the powerbomb, and smashes Lee through the table from inside the ring to the floor!! Security and refs are sent to carry Lee out on a stretcher, but Adams turns Lee and the stretcher over and drags him back into the ring to attempt to deliver yet another powerbomb. But before he can, Christian Jacobs runs out to make the save. As Jacobs runs in he is caught by Adams for a chokeslam. Jacobs blocks it, hits the ropes and is caught by a big boot. Adams picks Jacobs up and attempts to powerbomb him but Jacobs blocks it, takes him down, and goes for the Sharpshooter. Adams kicks Jacobs off and gets back to his feet only to turn around into the spear! Jacobs gets up and turns around into an F5 from Bishop who had sneaked to the ring during the commotion. KC Gold and Bishop stand over a battered Jacobs and tell him that DK's answer is YES, but.. it'll only be for 50% of the company if he wins. He tells him don't worry because that match won't even get to take place anyway because next week he will defend and lose that title in a match against Bishop next week.