Thursday, February 25, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 02.20.10 - Results and Card for Saturday night!!

-Rockin Randy vs Ike Tucker-

Rockin Randy is DQ'd after Dell Tucker interfers. "The Prodigies" proceed to lay the boots to a helpless Ike Tucker then leave the ring. Ike eventually gets back to his feet and tells everyone that he's about to make a phone call and that "The Prodigies" will pay tonight and leaves the ring.

-Tommy Jones vs Tommy Redneck-

Match is also DQ'd after Redneck intentually gets himself disqualified by punting Jones in the crouch in front of the referee. Redneck exits the ring leaving Jones on his knees in the middle of the ring. Meanwhile, "LSD" have already made their way out to the commentators booth earlier during the match to talk about February Fallout next week and of course themselves. When Redneck leaves the ring, "LSD" take the opportunity to set an example by putting the boots to Jones as he's trying to get back to his feet. Suddenly JR Manson runs to the ring to defend Jones but is cut off by "LSD". They begin to lay the boots to both when Flash Flanagan makes his way to the ring to help Manson and Jones. Flash, Jones, and Manson manage to clear the ring and challenge "LSD" to an impromptu 6 man tag team match. After a few moments of thinking it over "LSD" accepts and the referee starts the match.

-"LSD" vs Flash Flanagan/Tommy Jones/JR Manson-

 Match starts off normal with back and forth action from both teams, but suddenly it gets out of hand and all 6 men spill to the outside. Match is thrown out due to ref not being able to regain control as all 6 men fight all over the building. Flash eventually gets his hands on the kendo stick and connects with all three members of "LSD" and they flee the ring. Flash then takes the mic and issues a challenge to "LSD". He tells them that this is what he comes here to do, fight! He goes on to tell them that if they got the guts then they can all settle this next week at February Fallout in a 6 man Street Fight! After thinking over yet another challenge, "LSD" agree again and tell Flash/Jones/Manson that they don't know what they've started because next week will be a blood bath!

 Bishop makes his way to the ring for a scheduled interview where he talks about Jon Michael. He reminds the audience that he is the one responsible for putting Seth Knight out of commission and he is also responsible for causing Jon Michael to apparently quit EWE. He tells the audience to tell Jon Michael when they see him or talk to him that Bishop is laying down a challenge and if he can back up everything he's said before he disappeared, then at February Fallout they can settle the score. But Bishop threatens that if he does show up, it will be the last time the audience will ever see him again because he will end his career.

-Rude vs Dell Tucker-
Rude gets the win after hitting Tucker with the TKO. Randy storms the ring on Rude just as Tucker did earlier to Ike Tucker. "The Prodigies" proceed to lay the boots to Rude when suddenly Ike Tucker runs out to make the save, but strangely stops and the ring apron and backs off. "The Prodigies" know they have Ike outnumbered so they eagerly invite Ike to try to take them on. Ike then turns back to the entrance and waves out none other than "The Cosmic Cowboy" Brian Steele. R&B storm the ring and the two teams go at it. R&B eventually send "The Prodigies" to the floor where they take the mic and tell R&B that they have no business being in this company ran by Derrick King and that next week they will make sure they're little reunion doesn't last to long because their match next week at February Fallout will now be a Loser Leaves Town match. R&B waste no time in agreeing to the match and tell "The Prodigies" that they don't want to wait until next week, they want to beat them across town right now. Both teams begin fighting again as they take it all the way down the street outside of the arena!

EWE Title Match
-Christian Jacobs vs Bishop-
Awesome title match with Jacobs retaining the title after a series of near falls and eventually hitting Bishop with the spear for the win. After the match Mark Tipton conducts a brief post match interview with Jacobs. Tipton asks Jacobs how he feels after retaining his title tonight and going into February Fallout to face Derrick King for 50% of the company? Jacobs tells him that it feels great and for everybody to come next week because he's going to kick Derrick King's ass and take back EWE!


February Fallout

1/2 EWE vs EWE Title
Derrick King vs Christian Jacobs

Loser Leaves Town
Rhythm & Blues vs The Prodigies

6 Man Street Fight
LSD vs Flash Flanagan/Tommy Jones/JR Manson

Grudge Match
Bishop vs Jon Michael

Plus more