Tuesday, February 09, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 02.05.10

The night started out in a bang!  A couple of weeks ago Pimp and Southside got furious at Rashard. If we'll think back, Pimp and Southside were competing against VMan and Officer Hudson for the tagteam belts and to their surprise Rashard has made a deal with Big Daddy that the Losers of the match got no pay and the winner's got double pay. Well that night Vman and Officer Hudson won the match and got the big payoff.  They all had a little disagreement and they threw Pimp and Southside's bags out in the crowd. Well tonight's opening match was VMan vs Pimp. Pimp entered through the front door and Vman was waiting on him with winning in his eyes.  The match was intense and Officer Hudson ran in and hit Pimp with a chain so the Pimp took the win by DQ

The second match was a Handicapp match Black Jack, Jeremy Spiker and AC Styles vs Hambones 1& 2, TJ was distracted and Pedro took a cheap shot and hit Black Jack with the bone and the Hambones won.  First intermission brought about a big surprise. Big Daddy and Nat made an announcement that tickets were on sell for someone to lose their hair.  The crowd was allowed to buy tickets and Nat was going to pull a ticket and whoever got their ticket pulled got to choose anyone that worked for MCW to get their head shaved. Rashbard freaked out because he knows  the crowd hates him and if someone pulled a ticket he would be the one to get his hair cut. He came out and bought 25 tickets.  Then Ms. Sandra's music came on right as intermission was over and Ms. Sandra made an entrance. She got the biggest pop of the night!!!!!!!!!!  She had the Ladies Champion Belt on her shoulder. She made an announcement that she was allowing the belt to be brought out of retirement. Stated she felt like it was time for MCW to have a ladies champ but that she wanted the new Ladies Champ to respect the art of wrestling as well as the belt and the fans. Ms. Sandra gave respect and tribute to Moondog Spot for training her and alot of the MCW wrestlers. Before Ms. Sandra could finish her interview, Ms. Innocent and Rashard came to the ring trying to stir trouble. Ms. Innocent thought she was going to be bad and threaten Ms. Sandra, she told Ms. Sandra she was a Has Been in the wrestling world. Everybody knowing Ms. Sandra, some little punk kid was NOT  going to intimidate her. She told Ms. Innocent that she wasn't sure she even qualified as a contender for the belt, because she was so manly, flat chested and looked more like a man than a woman, and people didn't know if she was a she or a he or a He/She!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ms. Innocent jumped up in the ring like she was going to do something and Ms.Sandra give her that Ms. Sandra trademark "The big forearm" and off the ring she went.  Then Rashard thought he was going to be bad and jump on Ms. Sandra and she body slammed him like he was a wet noodle. Ms. Sandra announced after all the excitement she would be the special referee for the first title shot match for the women's belt. 

3rd match was Homer Lee and Ms. Candy vs Miss or Mr. Innocent (who knows) and Ms. Nay Nay.The match was intense but the pin was the greatest, Ms. Candy came off the top rope and pinned Ms. Innocent. With a move like that Ms. Candy may wrap up that Ladies Belt.

Semi main was Pokerface and Bishop vs Jeremy Spiker and C-Money. Pokerface put a submission hold on Jeremy Spiker and he tapped out.   At intermission, the ticket was pulled and Rashard's ticket was pulled and he chose Jesse the security guard to have his head shaved.   

The Main Event was Officer Hudson and VMan vs Pimp and Southside in a title match. VMAN and Officer Hudson are out for blood. These guys are big and have shown to be pretty bad over the last couple of weeks. Pimp and Southside have met their match I think.  VMan and Officer Hudson won the title match and retained the belts by pinfall. These guys are vicious and mean business.  One more exciting thing is to come to MCW in the upcoming weeks and that is MCW comes to TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Frankie Tucker was away this weekend on a big engagement but will return next week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credit: Kim Wallace & MCW