Sunday, February 14, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 02.12.10

MCW's wrestler of the Week is C-Money! 
The night started out with Rashard making a scene. Nat was running late and didn't have Rashard's entrance music. I guess,Rashard is sooo simple minded that he can't remember to make an entrance without music. So he came out running his mouth, isn't it funny that if he isn't running from the wrestlers, he is running his mouth. He was mad over his music so he jerked the wires out of the stereo system and said if he didn't have music then NOBODY was going to have music. But no entrance music didn't stop the action at MCW. 
The opening match was Ms. Candy and Homer Lee vs Miss Innocent and Nay Nay, the match was intense and Miss Candy was all over Miss Innocent till the very end. Ms. Candy came off the top rope and nailed Miss Innocent but Miss Innocent rolled out and pinned Ms. Candy. 
The excitement continued when the Hambones 1 & 2 went up against Black Jack and Jeremy Spiker. The Hambones dominated the match till the very end the two of them picked Spiker up and the fans expected a double suplex but the Hambones dropped his feet across the ropes and put him face first on the mat in the Hambone crusher.  
Third match was The All American Frankie T vs Pokerface in a heavyweight title shot match. The fight was on and Pokerface gets the ghettoblaster on Frankie however Frankie outwits him and has his feet on the ropes so the match starts all over and Frankie takes the win after he shoots Pokerface off the ropes and gets him with the flatline! Frankie keeps the belt and Pokerface goes home empty-handed once again. 
Semi Main Event C-Money vs Bishop and Bishop dominates the match, I think he was a bit upset that C-Money was voted Wrestler of the Week by the fans. Rashard interferes and Bishop is disqualified. 
Main Event Pimp and Southside vs Ray and Officer Hudson, Rashard was banned from ringside because of his history of interference. Pimp and Southside fought a tough match but Officer Hudson and Ray won because Rashard ran in and hit Pimp with the laptop and the ref was distracted and only saw the pin!
Remember that MCW is going to TV soon!  MCW now has a Facebook page as well, you can find us as Mid South Championship Wrestling. Each week the fans will be voting on Wrestler of the Week and the results will be posted on our facebook page. Big Daddy and MCW says thanks to the many fans that make each week possible!  Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!

Credit: Kim Wallace and MCW