Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 02.19.10

The night began with Aaron Ecstasy vs Ray Leigh, Ray Leigh took the win with a reverse cross body.

Tag team match was second match and it was Wild Bill and Snuffy vs Off Hudson and VMan, the match was intense with great talent. Off Hudson and VMan are a dominating team in the ring. Wild Bill and Snuffy fought hard and stayed right with the other team, however, Officer Hudson got the pin on Snuffy with the RockBottom. The crowd was upset that Hudson and VMan took the lead but that didn't seem to bother them. This team comes with great vengeance and seem to have a point to prove.

Third match was Jeremy Spiker and Homer Lee vs Hambones 1 & 2. The Hambones dominated the match and finished with the win by the Hambone Crusher on Jeremy Spiker.

Semi Main Event was Big Daddy LaFonce and Frankie Tucker vs Pokerface and Bishop. Pokerface and Bishop came out with Rashard as usual, all three were running their mouths. Bishop was whining about wanting a title shot so Big Daddy decides to make an executive decision and give Bishop his title shot during this tag team match, however the stipulation was both belts had to be placed on the line. Frankie T's heavyweight belt and Pokerface's middle weight belt. Pokerface was not real pleased with this but was forced to sign the match. So now the crowd was attentive and curious as to what was fixing to take place. The match was heated. At one point Frankie T was doing his thing and "lighting up Bishop with those furious chops" and Bishop powders out and you would have thought he was a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum. He was whining, jumping and down and some of the crowd reported that he was about to cry. That's a nice quality of a Heavy Weight contender. The match was furious, action from both of these elite teams. The match did take a surprise finish, Frankie got the flatline on Bishop,both men were exhausted Big Daddy does a skull buster on Pokerface just as that was taking place, Rashard nails TJ with a laptop and rolls Bishop on top of Frankie Tucker. Big Daddy pins Pokerface. TJ gets up and does a double count. Both Belts change hands, the Heavyweight belt goes to Bishop and the Middleweight belt goes to Big Daddy. One can only imagine the tension in the building. Frankie is furious and the crowd is ready to hang TJ. The crowd tells TJ that Rashard, rolled Frankie off of Bishop and rolls Bishop position Bishop for the pin on Frankie. TJ holding his head, tells the crowd he has to call it as he seen it which was Bishop had Frankie T pinned. Pokerface of course is furious because Big Daddy pinned him for his belt. Bishop on the other hand is jumping up and down like that same two year old in the tantrum earlier but this time he is a 2 year old with a new toy. Bishop don't get excited that toy is only new for a little while. Frankie will take it back!!!!!!!!!!

Finally the main event was the first time Ladies Title Match in 10 years. Ms. Sandra was the special ref for the match between Ms. Innocent and Ms. Candy. The match was intense, Ms Sandra is all about legalities and calling the match right down the middle, she threatens to send Rashard to the dressing room several times and continues to try to interfere with the match. Then along comes Nay Nay who also tries to interfere. Ms. Candy is dominating the match so Rashard and Nay Nay continued to interfere, Ms Candy gets the pin on Ms. Innocent and Miss Sandra calls the match but Nay Nay and Rashard doesn't want to accept that So Ms. Sandra just shows them whose in charge of calling the match. How does she do this, She Body Slams Rashard like no tomorrow and then gives Nay Nay a sidewalk slam!!!!!!!!!! Ms. Candy wins the Ladies Championship Title, Ms. Innocent walks away threatening and whining, which is what Rashard's group does best and Ms. Sandra walks away with a tie for Wrestler of the Week. Ms. Sandra and Frankie Tucker tie for Wrestler of the Week! The night was indeed full of surprises and turnover. Come join us next week for more Action. Congrats to Ms. Sandra and Frankie, you both deserve to be Wrestler of the Week.

Credit: Kim Wallace and MCW