Thursday, February 04, 2010

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results Wrapup 1.16 to 1.23.10

----I am going to post these just the way I received them.  Because of not getting results on a weekly basis, I am not sure who is who, when the reporter just gives the names of some of the teams.  As you can tell by the pic above though, "Anarchy" listed below features Jason The Brain, DJ Stunner, Syn and Jeremy Moore.
shannon lee def. the kid
The Anarchy def. Jason Reed/Mark Justice after Jeremy Moore gave Reed an acecrusher
weezy def. motley cruz by DQ
F.O.P. def. high society
Jason Reed def. Jeremy Moore by DQ
Show opened w/ F.O.P./Jason Reed/Mark Justice in the ring saying that they wanted The Anarchy tonight. Jeremy Moore and the Anarchy came out and stated they had proved last week that they were unbeatable and that they wouldn't face them tonight because CoCo  Anderson would side with The Anarchy. Moore then suggested to CoCo that Jason Reed sweep floors, Sarge and Mark have a bra and panties match since they are girls and Mickey Ray lace his boots. CoCo said that while those were good ideas, they would get the matches because it was best for business. Moore was livid and He and CoCo went nose to nose.
The High Risk Title was held up after Weezy gave Shannon a superplex off the top and Shannon legs intertwined w/ Weezy for a double pin. Weezy and Shannon will have a ladder match at vendetta to determine the champion.
Syn def. Mickey Ray in a wild match. post match The Anarchy attacked Mickey and were ran out by Reed, Mark and Sarge.
Moore def. Reed  after Syn got involved. This match was another wild one that went all over the place and after the match The Anarchy jumped in again to once again be ran out.
Motley Cruz had an interview stating that Crazytrain was scared and if he didn't show up at Vendetta then Motley should be handed the NBW Championship.
D.J. Stunner def. Sarge and after the match Moore was going to try and paint Sarge's back but was stopped.
Mark Justice def. High Society in a handicap match that had 1 hand tied behind Mark's back so he couldn't chop. Mark won by DQ when The Anarchy jumped him but he broke free and chopped everyone out of the ring and then gave Blaine a Hard Justice on top of OZ. Moore then said if mark thinks he is so tough then Moore will find him an opponent for Vendetta. Mark agreed to the match, the opponent will be announced this week.
Awesome show and the crowd was up to probably 90. the week before was 75 or so.
NBW Vendetta
Jeremy Moore/SID VICIOUS vs. F.O.P. ( NBW Tag Title Match )
Motley Cruz vs. Crazytrain? ( NBW Title Match )
Mark Justice vs. ???
Jason Reed and ??? vs. Syn and Stunner
Weezy vs. Shannon Lee ( Ladder Match for the High Risk Title )