Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 2.06.10 - Vendetta Features Reunion of Tag Team!!

The show opened with the induction of "Just Joe" into the NBW Hall of Fame.

The Anarchy [Jason the Brain, Jeremy Moore, Syn, DJ Stunner] came out for an interview promising victory in their matches tonight. Moore said he would walk out a Tag Team Champion tonight!

The opening match was a ladder match for the vacant NBW High Risk Championship bewtween Weezy and Shannon Lee. This match was crazy and all over the place. The crowd was very into this match as the guys left everything they had in he ring, but in the end it was Shannon Lee who was victorious after he knocked Weezy off the ladder through a table and he retrieved the High Risk Title!

Winner and New High Risk Champion - Shannon Lee

Tim Davis/Big Daddy LaFonce/KoKo Anderson def. The Mo. Badd Boys/Void in a 6-man tag team match!

The Kid/Kid J def. Ron Rage/Lil Devil in a very entertaining mixed tag team match. The crowd enjoyed the midgets and everyone worked hard here.

Mark Justice def. Lord Humongous after a schoolboy. Post match High Society jumped Mark for a little payback and had Lord Humongous deliver a chokeslam to Mark. After Hugo left, High Society continued the beating until The Kid delivered a double cross body block to High Society. Mark and The Kid ran the duo off and Mark said next week he and the little SOB The Kid would take them on in a tag team match!

Jason Reed/Chris Rocker def. Syn/Stunner after some miscommunication between Syn and Stunner leading to Syn getting a codebreaker/frogsplash combo to take the loss. Post match Syn and Stunner were arguing as The Brain tried to calm them down, He called out the leader of The Anarchy, Jeremy Moore. Moore demanded they stop fighting and told them to hug. After they hugged Moore blast DJ Stunner with a right hand and then Syn, Suicide and Moore delivered their finishing moves to Stunner. The Brain was upset at what just happened but Moore told him to get back. Moore then spray painted the signature Anarchy symbol on Stunner's back. Billy Russ then made the save with a Kendo stick.

Crazy Train def. Motley Cruz to retain the NBW Championship to finally put their feud to rest.

The Family of Pain ( sarge/mickey ray) def. Jeremy Moore/Sid Vicious to retain the NBW Tag Team Titles after Moore was ordering Sid around until Sid got angry and delivered a huge Chokeslam to Moore and the Sarge made the cover. After the match Sid raised Sarge and Mickey's hands and out of nowhere Mickey Ray blasted Sarge and Sid, Mickey, and Ron Rage beat Sarge until he bled. Some baby faces tried to make the save but it didn't help as Sarge was hopeless. The show ended with Sid, Mickey Ray and Ron Rage standing tall over a beaten Sarge!

Show was awesome and the crowd was hot for pretty much everything. The crowd was 270+ and it was packed. The faces were over and the Heels got heat. Everyone worked hard to produce a great night!

----Sounded like a good show and I hate I missed it. The reunion of the "Blond Bombers"?? Wow!!