Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Straight Flush "A Little of This and That" by Pokerface

A Little This and That -

This week I'm not going to touch on one particular thing. I'm just going to address just a few things. Just about every column I write you hear me complaining about the woes of the business. There are some things that nobody ever seems to touch on. Let's just call it "Dumb Shit" or "DS" Majority of the DS is made by rookies, but even still to a lesser degree, veterans too. And away we go!

Music- One of my co- wrestlers and I were talking about this just last week. Some people get a little perturbed about who is coming out to whose music. I had to straighten out a female wrestler about that a month ago. I knew she would make it an"issue" that's why I specified to the music guy to play her partner's music. In her defense she didn't raise that much hell, but still. Music don't make the match. You can have the most upbeat and popular song, and your match sucks ass. That would be ashamed if your music was more over than the wrestler. In certain instances I will have it to where my team comes out to my music. And mostly that is when I'm the champion or if I'm like 3 times as over as my partner. That's not an ego thing, it just makes sense. This past week, I was on a show where all the music was gone so we all came out old school. I FREAKING LOVED IT. It showed the guys that YOU DON'T NEED MUSIC TO GET THE MATCH OVER!

Winning and Losing - Now admitted, nobody wants to lose every match. But really, what is the primary goal of a match? Well the way I look at it, the goal of every match is to entertain the fans and to get them emotionally involved in some kind of way. And in some kind of way get yourself over. I'll touch on that a little later. You'd be amazed how many guys attitudes are determined by the outcome of a match. So freaking what! I'm more happy if I lost a match and the crowd gave me an ovation, than if I won the match and nobody gave a crap. It's all about packing the building. Win, lose, or draw.

Getting Yourself and the Match Over - Now here is something most of us just don't get. Most wrestlers believe that getting all your signature and fancy moves gets you over. Yes and no. If you just do your moves for no reason, they may look pretty, but they mean nothing. Think of a series of fancy moves as a car explosion in a movie. If you see the explosion right after the opening credits, you may be like "whoa, nice explosion", but you'd be wondering why was there an explosion. But if you see the same explosion later in the movie, you'd probably be more emotionally drawn into it, because there has been a build up leading up to it. Are you following me? Also for a match to get over, all participants have to be over to a certain degree. You have to have the mindset that you are going to make every participant look good. Your opponent has to have the same attitude also. When I go into a match, I already know I'm going to get myself over by making my opponent look good. Even if that means selling my ass off, being over animated, running away, being a little vagina, and so on. The problem is that most wrestlers have too much pride. Nobody wants to look weak. Nobody wants to yell and scream when put in a hellacious submission hold. They would rather wimper. THE CROWD DON'T BUY INTO THAT SHIT! Most good guy wrestlers don't want to take a beating, they want to be Superman. They want to appear invincible. They don't want to sell a brutal beating. They'd rather wimper. THE CROWD DON'T BUT THAT SHIT! That's why most shows barely draw 100 fans. We have to make this as realistic as possible.

KNOW YOUR CRAFT- Sound Familiar? I can't stress that enough. If you know or trying to learn your craft, all the other issues I touched on will tie in. So in closing, learn your craft, get some gear, and learn your craft. Yeah, I said it twice. Until next time, keep your pimp hand strong!