Monday, February 01, 2010

Thoughts From Jason The Brain

----IWA's Jason The Brain, who worked a lot last year for XOW, posted a piece over at WNC.  CLICK HERE to read it.  It is interesting for a few things.  #1:  He never mentions the promotion or the person he is talking about.  #2: He went to another promotion's show.  #3: The promoter seem to call them out in front of the crowd.

----First, if you are going to do a shoot on someone - say who it is.  The promotion and guy he is talking about is XOW and Tony Watts.  Apparently Watts seems to be upset for some reason at IWA.  I am not sure if it is because they have TV and he does not, but it all seems sort of childish.  Second, if this is an angle and you are shooting a XOW/IWA angle - then all of the stuff you did at the show would make sense, but you still have to tell people that it is XOW.  But, if it isn't an angle, then Jason is paying to see a show and Watts is putting over IWA to the crowd.  And finally, Jason said, "We gathered around talking about going in the ring and shutting him up for good, but we decided to just leave." Sorry guys, I might be on your side here and share your thoughts about Watts, but if you get in someone else's ring [and it is not an angle] it is very unproffesional and not safe.  You could get your ass whipped and go to jail.