Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tommy Wayne Cleared of All Charges!!

----Tommy Wayne, on 2.06.10,  was arrested on what we reported as "for allegedly soliciting nude photos of an underage girl."  Wayne, in reality, was picked up on a failure to appear warrant stemming from an old speeding ticket.  Wayne ended up paying a fine and some community work out of that charge.

----Wayne appeared in court on Friday - 2.19.10 - on charges that were filed from a father of a 13 year old that had been exchanging text messages with Wayne.  Everything that was said on the text messages was revealed to the court and nothing inappropriate was in those messages.  The court dismissed the charges and declared it "no contest." The judge told the father the only thing he could ask was that there would be a "no-contact" order - so that Wayne/his daughter could not text each other.  The father concluded that he wanted that since Wayne was older than his daughter and he did not want them talking.

----As I had stated in my original post, these things do happen.  If one person has your phone number, then 10 people have it.  Advice to workers - give your number out only to people you know and #2:  Do not talk to underage girls over text or the phone or e-mail.  Even if the messages may be totally innocent, you have fathers out there that might drag you in court, which makes you look bad even though you didn't do anything.