Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wayne's World "Achieving Perfection" by "3G" Eric Wayne

"Achieving Perfection"

On February 1 and 2 I had the opportunity to work for WWE in Nashville and Memphis. I wasn't the only one but I thought I'd share what I took away from the experience.

Even though none of the extra talent made tv appearances, the learning experience was invaluable. Besides being able to workout in their ring, watching the other guys workout and work on different techniques was just as good as the exposure of being on tv. For around two hours, we either had the chance to have a match or simply watch and listen. Even though I'm proud of the two matches I had, its hard to accept that it wasn't WWE quality.

After listening to the advice being given to the tv talent, I realized exactly how much perfection means to these guys. Not to say I didn't before, but its a reminder how much everyone there strives to perfect EVERYTHING. The talent in WWE, even the ones that we might think aren't that good, are damn good. It might not come across on tv, but watching the workouts proves just how hard these guys work.

Achieving perfection seems to be the motto in WWE and it should be the motto for everyone that gets into the business. Unfortunately, it's not. The motto seems to be "just enough to get by" which is sad when you think about it. A lot of the "wrestlers" today started because of what they saw on tv. The biggest difference between what was on tv and what's at pretty much every show on the weekend, is a lack of dedication and heart. WWE is full of guys with the biggest heart and dedication to be the best. You can only say that for a handful of guys around here, or anywhere for that matter.

When it comes to this business, I can't help but notice that at shows on the weekend, its ok to be bad at your craft. Almost like its a rib on the audience to make them watch how bad a certain wrestler is. Instead of remedying the problem by kicking that person not only out of the ring, but out of the business until they learn their craft. Does no one realize the reason WWE and a select few promotions are drawing? Its because they don't expose the business when they have a match! But go to pretty much ANY show on the weekend and what do you see? Guys that call themselves wrestlers, trying to have a match. Hell, I have a drivers license...but I'd never attempt driving in a NASCAR race. Why should wrestling be any different?

Maybe its because there aren't many people today that actually want a career in wrestling. They just want to say they've wrestled. Well that's a horrible reason to get in this business and a slap in the face to some of us because you're only making it harder for people that take it seriously. You're making it harder for companies to draw because no one wants to see you in the ring. You're making it harder for the audience to sit there and wait for a good match, or even a good wrestler to come to the ring. No one pays to watch "wrestlers" pretend they're wrestling. No one pays to watch something you consider a hobby. They pay to watch professionals. Which is exactly why WWE and TNA draw like they do. Because they hire professionals.

It all comes down to this, if what I've said has upset you...I don't care. If you are booked on the weekend and you consider wrestling a hobby, don't show up! If you have been "wrestling" for 15, 20, 25 years and your no better than the day you started or a guy with LESS THAN A YEAR of experience, don't show up! No one will miss you and the house won't go down. If anything it'll go up because that's one less bad wrestler on the card. It all comes down to achieving perfection, which is something you're not willing to do. If you wrestle once or twice a week, for 10 minutes because its all your stamina will allow...QUIT! No one will miss you. And if anything, people will applaud you for realizing YOU are the one that hurts this business. All because achieving perfection is something you've never considered.