Thursday, March 25, 2010

Arena Report: Championship Wrestling - Relay For Life Benefit - Paragould, AR 3.20.10

----This show was proof that I can have a good time without having great wrestling.  The crowd of 200+ was hot all night and the show featured a hardcore “Match of the Year” candidate.  I had the pleasure of sitting with my daughters Kayte and Karly, my BFF Stacy and Tia Blaylock/D-Rock from  To say we had a great time, would be an understatement.
----I would also like to thank Titanic and the ECBB family.  My RRO/WNC family was treated very well.  You guys really know how to accommodate a guest. Thanks guys – it meant a lot to me and my friends.
----They opened the show with an angle they had been running on the radio with some DJs.  One of the girl DJ’s slapped Loose Cannon.  Cannon/Rik Burton with “Big Money” Frank Martin were going to beat up the girl until Big Indian Quixote/Triple D made the save to set up the match for later.
----Chris Day/Cold beat Snuffy/Jermey Spiker.  The ref messed up the finish. [DUD]
----The Enforcer beat Dr. Nemo Luv using a chain.  Love needs about 6 more months of training.  Not good, but what could expect from a green guy. [DUD]
----Loose Cannon/Rik Burton with “Big Money” Frank Martin beat Triple D/Big Indian Quixote when Cannon used a roll of quarters to hit D for the win.  As I said, the crowd was into everything and I was having fun.  Burton looked really good here.  Cannon needs new tights. [**]
----Big Daddy LaFonce/Midnight Cowboy beat The Hambones in a good brawl.  When they first came out some of the comments were that these guys were old, but they went out and worked hard with a decent brawl.  Leroy bled. BDL/Cowboy won using Hambones' bones. [**1/2]
----Tasha Simone/”Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] beat Worm/Suicide/Adrian Banks in a wild hardcore bout.  This was the kind of match that was needed for this show.  Just crazy stiff action with chairs, Stop signs, kendo sticks – all over the place.  This is the kind of bout I can watch live [about once every 6 weeks] and really have fun with.  But, they usually do not come off good on TV.  Kayte [the baby doll] did not come out with them and Psycho went to the back during the match to get her.  She had a fork [“Ghost of Abby”] and he used it.  Nice touch.  Pappy did the Cactus Jack elbow from the apron right in front of our seats.  Lots of “oh shit” moments!!  Pappy was just “on” and Psycho proved why he won the Spot Moondog award. Pappy Samoan dropped Suicide through two chairs.  Psycho followed with the Falling Grace and Tasha finished the match by splashing Suicide to get the win. [***3/4]
----“East Coast Bad Boys” [C-Money/Serpent] beat Motley Cruz/Bishop in a solid match. It was real sloppy in the start, but they slowed it down a bit.  All four guys worked real hard.  A little too long, but solid. Serpent hit Motley Cruz with the Sliced Bread #2.  Then, Spyro jumped inside the ring and monkey flipped Serpent out of the corner, who splashed Motley to get the win. [***]
----Special thanks to D-Rock for help on the finishes...I have no idea what Triple D’s name was??  I called him that because I thought that is what it said on his tights, but it might have said “Dog”, but I am going with Triple D.  He is Triple D to me. LOL…There was a valet out during the first match and she was bigger than the workers.  Not bad around the ring though, but she looked like she could whip all of them…I had a good conversation with Enforcer.  I have worked a lot of indy shows in the area with this guy.  He is a true "outlaw" from "back in the day."  Good to see him!  I hear he has a son that works as part of a top 10 tag team in the area??  Kayfabe Kayfabe!!!...Favorite quotes from my crew I was sitting with – “That midget just smelled her feet.”, “I thought they were saying “cold slaw”??” and “I like Hambones’ britches.” LOL…Frank Martin is easily one of the best talkers of the area.  I would pair him up with a top heel or top heel team on TV and let him get everything over.  I would put him with only ONE act, but he would be with the top guy.  This was his first wrestling appearance since the RWA blow up…Burton has to be one of the most improved in the area.  His look and work has got tons better since dropping the Treat gimmick...Speaking of improved, Pappy should be on the list also.  Just seems "at home" in front of the crowd and has a great time doing it...How was Tasha more believable against guys in a hardcore match than a girl a few weeks back?? Well, believe me, she was...Thanks again to all the workers and my crew.  I had a great time!!