Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Arena Report: EWE Ripley, TN 2.27.10

Christian Jacobs with EWE belt and Contract

-----Tatt2 beat Gaylon Ray in a fast real good opening bout. Tatt2 has improved to the point of putting together a match with simple psychology and just working hard to put spots in the right space. Great shine with Tatt2 doing a dive outside the ring. Tatt2 missed a dive into the corner as Ray started heat. Finish had Tatt2 hit a 619 and a flying frogsplash. Crowd was hot. [**1/2]

----"The Prodigies" [Rockin Randy/Dell Tucker] with Derrick King beat "Rhythm & Blues" [Ike Tucker/Brian Steele] with Rick Marx when Steele got pinned. Stips had the loser of the fall leaving EWE. Good solid bout. Randy/Tucker may be one of the best working tag teams in the area. Ike took the heat and did a great job. Hot tag to Steele. DK threw Randy something and I think he used on his foot for a superkicked. [I blinked and the bout was over] [**3/4]

----Rude beat Tommy Redneck with a TKO in another solid bout. Two solid workers just doing the basics and getting the fans into it. Rude gave Redneck some hard chops to the back that had us all wincing. At one point Rude attempted to TKO Redneck and then Redneck raked the refs’ eyes. He then kicked Rude below the belt as the ref was blinded. It looked like Redneck was trying to get DQ’ed by telling the ref what he did?? But, then Rude caught him up in the second TKO for the win. [**1/2]

----Jon Michael beat Cody Melton. A big interview segment at the front with Michael talking about Bishop not showing up when he was there. DK came out and they argued back and forth. Cody Melton jumped Michael and the match started. Good shine with everything just flawless with Michael. Melton started heat when Michael hit his shoulder. Heat was Melton concentrating on getting the Crippler Crossface on Michael. At the finish Melton has the hold on and DK yells to ring the bell. [Montreal variation] Commish Dustin Baker will not ring the bell. Michael gets out of the hold and rolls Melton up for the win. DK goes crazy and tells Baker to get in the ring. Michael and DK drop the f-bomb with everyone in the crowd putting over the fact this was “real”. “You are fuckin fired”, said DK and Michael left the ring while DK ended up superkicking Baker. Strong angle at the end and a solid bout. [***1/2]

-----Flash Flanagan/Tommy Jones/JR Manson beat "LSD" [Idol Bane/Cody Only/Deadly Dale] in just a wild crazy bout. It was so crazy that I had to e-mail someone about the result. The bad thing was as they were coming out, the crowd was leaving because of the DK/Michael angle with people thinking that guy was going after DK. They put on a great match with everything used and with some blood [lots from Tommy]. Fans piled back in and everyone worked their asses off. There was a DDT on the concession table, JR ended up on my book table [did I get pissed?? LOL] and I actually thought Flash had hit me with a trashcan lid for some comments I made last year about him. Jones bled like crazy. Crowd was into it. Jones won with a top rope splash after JR hit the code breaker on Deadly. This is the kind of match that is really good live [if done right and it was], but would probably suck on TV. [***3/4]

----Christian Jacobs pinned Derrick King to win 50% of EWE. It was the main event and it was the best bout on the show. A really good bout with great fire shine from CJ at the front, including a huge gorilla slam on DK. Crowd was real hot for him. Move for move – totally flawless from both guys. It reminded me a lot of last year’s Austin Lane vs DK candidate for Match of the Year. [they worked more in the ring though] Finish started with a ref bump as CJ speared Kaleb. X-Factor from DK on CJ – no ref no pin. CJ jumped from the top rope and DK caught him with a superkicked [looked great!!!] – no ref no pin. The ref was still down and Ike came out to his music and Melton also ended up out there countering Ike. CJ ended up spearing DK for the pin and win. [****]


----150+ in the arena…As said, Tatt2 has improved a lot since the last time I seen him. You can always see him doing great things, but not being able to put together a good match. He is almost there now…As usual Ike/Steele with Marx were really over with their music and entrance. The team had one of their better bouts I have seen them in and Ike [even though he has been in the business forever] seems to be improving. I was told him and DK had a real good match a few weeks back…There was a group of heel fans that gave all the babys hell. They called Marx “Porky”, cheered for DK and you could actually hear them over the cheers for CJ in the main event…This is the second EWE show in a row that I have taken an unexpected bump. While DK was going crazy on Baker [throwing a chair at him] he pushed a security guard into me and my glasses bumped for him and my neck was sore the next day. Are you suppose to go to the matches and your neck is sore afterwards? LOL Interactive EWE!!...There are those that still BELIEVE and they live in Ripley. After the Michael/Melton match some fans tried to go after DK. The bad thing is that the guy was not escorted out of the building, which just makes it “ok” for him to do it again. He even threatened to go get a gun. BTW, DK has great heat here – they HATE him!!...Stan Lee was selling an injury and not even on the show. Lee was missed in the sense you are guaranteed a good match when he works, but the show was so good, it would be hard to say he did a bad thing by missing the show…First ever CCW main event was CJ vs DK…KC Gold announced rest of the show after Dustin got superkicked and did a great job!!...Christian Jacobs has stepped it up a notch and just looks to have the most confidence he has ever had. He is in great shape and is probably one of the few guys in the area that the WWE would consider to being on their roster. He is one of those guys that deserves a “look” and I am starting to make a list of guys I want to see him work [Austin Lane, Eric Wayne, Stan Lee, Jon Michael, Alan Steele] I was there for CJ’s first match [actually I submitted for him..lol] and probably been more critical of him than anyone in this area, but he has IT now!!...Thanks everyone!! I had a great time – thanks to everyone who put over my “new” look. It was well appreciated!!

----The young fan above [looking at Yearbook 2009] is on her road to being the new editor of RRO in about 15 years.  When I ask her in front of DK if his match was five stars or 2 stars, she said, "About 2 stars.." LOL  She later told us that Brian Steele had the best match!!