Thursday, March 11, 2010

Arena Report: NBW Newbern, TN 3.06.10

----Book Tour 2010 stopped in Newbern, TN Saturday night.  After spending the day in Dyersburg to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D, we headed to NBW and we ran out of gas!!  Thanks to Jeff McDonald for the help!!  Thanks to all the workers that just drove by and seen me standing out there – the cops were there and they were all scared. LOL  Oh yeah, can I tell you how tired I was from hearing, “You know you have to put gas in those for them to work; right?”  Bastards!!!

---- Mark Justice/Kid with Mad Money Mike beat “High Society” [Blaine Devine/Oz] Fun opening bout.  Crowd was into it.  Oz had a bra on to protect him from chops from Justice. Yes, I am serious.  It got over and it was pretty funny.  I think he would need an iron protective vest though to stop those chops.  They actually did double heat, which was smart.  Kid/Justice went over after a hot tag. [**1/2]

----I always feel weird about writing about an angle I was involved in.  I do these things though to get the book over and hopefully people will buy it.  I did a deal with Jeremy Moore/Devine where Moore tore up my book and I actually challenged him for a title shot.  I know..I know..sounds absolutely far fetched and it was all designed for me to manage Shawn Reed later in the show.  The crowd actually hates Moore so much that I was able to get over the fact that I am over the hill former wrestler [storyline guys!!] that would not really have a chance, but with the fans behind him I could be the new NBW champion.  The crowd popped big for it. [surprised me too..LOL]  Then, Reed came out and said he would take the title shot.  Jeff McDonald was also out there trying to strip Moore of the belt, but I am not sure what that was about. [Actually Reed was not suppose to come out until when I came out later for the match and I was going to say, “The contract read I could substitute anyone I wanted in my place if I was sick and since my doctor just called and said I had diarrhea, then I have a substitute”  But, Jeremy was not clear about when Shawn was suppose to come out, so he came out in the middle of the angle!!  Shawn covered it up good and we had a good time in the ring.]

----Shannon Lee by reversal over Jason Reed to retain NBW High Risk Title.  Nothing great and nothing really wrong with the bout.  Reed still gets a decent pop.  Both guys worked hard.  [**]

----“Black Label Society” [Void/Robbie Douglas] beat J-Weezy/Jon “Biscuit” Robert in best bout on the show.  BLS came out and just turned heel putting down everyone.  Solid work from all four guys.  Double heat.  Douglas used the spinebuster for the win. [***]

----Jeremy Moore with Blaine Devine beat Shawn Reed with Coach BT [that is] to retain the NBW Title. Just probably a hair below the tag match, but it was also short.  Basic match with the finish having Reed go for a piledriver, then Oz coming out.  I pulled Oz off the apron while Blaine gave Moore a chain to use on Reed.  I got to chop Devine after the bout. [***]

----Sarge O’Reilly with Billy Russ vs Mickey Ray – no contest.  A big angle that was not really a match.  It started and then Russ jumped in with a kendo stick hitting Ray.  [he was a baby]  Sarge ended up turning heel on Russ with Ray.  They beat the hell out of Russ [photo above] and he bladed.  It ended up with McDonald stripping them of the tag belts and the babys running them out of the ring.  Crowd was super hot for this and started throwing trash in on Sarge/Mickey.  Great angle!! 


----120+ in the building.  It was loud and everyone was over…Devine is still green but looks like a wrestler.  Tan, tights, boots and in shape.  He is already better than Kid and Kid has been doing this for a while…Void is just a solid worker that gets it.  The scary thing about Douglas is that he works very little, but usually out works everyone on a show.  I hate it that you can’t make a living in wrestling in this area – Douglas would be a freakin star!!... Reed is THE most underrated in this area.  So solid – just flawless. Thanks to him for driving in to do the angle and match…Moore has improved tons!!  His body is starting to actually look like a wrestler and his work is solid.  Mic work was good also.  During his spill to me, he mentioned he was going to beat me up in front of my kids.  Very nice touch...Reed had to do the finish twice, because Oz did not come out in time.  Even after the mess ups, I did have a good time – thanks to Moore/Devine/Oz/Reed…Not sure what they are doing with the Russ/Ray/Sarge thing, but it might be Russ bringing in people to fight FOP – ala Hart bringing in opponents for Lawler but in reverse. LOL  It was a hot angle though.  The promotion has two really good heel groups that are over now.  They need strong babys!!...Good show overall and the crew keeps it interesting.  They have all the workers over and fans care about them….Thanks to everyone again – I had a great time!!