Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Arena Report: RCW Debut Trumann, AR 3.05.10

----All these matches were taped for TV. The first four bouts were for the RCW Title Tournament.

----Christian Jacobs beat Seth Knight. A good match with lots of shine from Jacobs. Crowd did not know what to expect from these two and then they got into it. Both of them look and worked like wrestlers. Jacobs hit a spear for DKO. [smart stuff] CJ ended it with sharpshooter for the win. [***]

----Austin Lane beat Bishop. Another good bout. Bishop deserved the Most Improved award. This guy is a monster!! Lane made it just easy for Bishop selling all his big moves into a solid match. Lane ended up pinning Bishop from a roll up when Bishop tried a powerbomb. [***]

----Angle with Ray Ray being introduced to the crowd. “Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] jumped him giving him a double flapjack face first on a stage that looked real good. Stan Lee made the save. I am not sure where that angle is going?? I look for Ray to be at the next Trumann show.

----Ron Rage beat Matt Rivera in another good match. Rivera is such a great heel and very entertaining. Rage came off very good just taking a babyface beating, coming back and winning with his finisher. [**3/4]

----Jon Michael Worthington beat Cody Melton. Not a great bout, not anything horrible. Just pretty much putting over Michael as a heel in the gimmick he uses in the Nashville area. This was close to the bout that was at EWE, but I actually thought the EWE bout was better. Melton did a flying headbutt. Michael used his finisher for the win. [**1/2]

----“Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] beat “Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony]. Solid bout – how could it be bad?? Heat on Lee. DK pins Eaton after the hot tag. Gold beat up Topic after the bout and leave them. Charles "Casino Kid" Moser makes them leave. [***]


----78 paid and I would say 100+ in the building…”Precious” Paul Justice was in attendance. Paul was part of the original “Riot Squad” team and area worker Mark Justice got his birth right from him. Justice was a former owner of the now defunct Chaotic Championship Wrestling…CJ is “on” – he needs a LOOK!!...The Ray angle was the only interview type segment they did and the show ran so smooth without a bunch of people trying to get over with the mic. You don’t have to do that when you can actually wrestle…Tim Simon, TJ and Kaleb were all refs. Simon is a little “over the top” for me, but a good ref. [if you have read the site for a long time – you know I like the ref to not be seen]. TJ worked only one bout, but did well. Kaleb is turning into one of the top three refs in the area…I thought Charles "Casino Kid" Moser did a great job as an enforcer type. He is always good on the mic and I like the idea of introducing him under his shoot name – it makes him seem legit. I am not a fan of the Kid name anyway… Round Two of the RCW Title Tournament, featuring Christian Jacobs vs. Austin Lane and Ron Rage vs. Jon Michael Worthington on Friday, April 2. And that could be real fun. We got a dream match there with Lane vs Jacobs and it could end up with Lane vs Michael or Jacobs vs Michael in a dream match final. The latter had a [****] match last year. I am not sure what direction they are going in for the title, but I have been told some stuff for Rage. So, I don’t look for him making the finals…I thought Brandon Baxter mentioned on the radio he was going to be at this show??... I mentioned CCW earlier, but this really did have a CCW flavor. Christian Jacobs [first CCW champion], Seth Knight/TGB [first CCW tag team champions], Derrick King [worked the first CCW show vs CJ], Stan Lee, Jon Michael, Ron Rage and Brian Thompson all worked for CCW…Thanks to everyone – I had a great time!!