Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ASWF Press Statement!

----This was in response to something I wrote earlier this week. [CLICK HERE] It was also probably due to some online conversations I had with ASWF insiders and text messages with Austin Lane.  I will say this -  I wish everyone success for a TV show.  I want it to work.  I just got a bit pissy thinking that this group went to the same TV station as RCW.  The powers to be at RCW seem to be taking it in stride and really not "worrying about the Jones" and going ahead with business as usual.  I will be live at ASWF Saturday night in Tuckerman, AR for the Yearbook Tour - I hope to get a chance to talk one on one with Austin Lane and David Walls about their TV venture. 

ASWF made the decision long ago to further their promotion by entering the television market, but other ventures have failed. The only option for a station to carry us was KAIT-8. We did decide to run on a different night than RCW. It would not be fair to not further our promotion's progress because another promotion is running on the same channel on a different night. We here at ASWF wish RCW all the luck in the world. We at ASWF are only focusing on ASWF business and our own talent.

We appreciate everyone's support and look forward to seeing you at the show