Sunday, March 07, 2010

Business is Good!! What Is Right With The Wrestling Business!

----This area was packed with wrestling fans this weekend with people coming out in big numbers.  Henderson, TN had 1000+ packed in the building Friday night with Memphis Wrestling stars.  Luxora, AR had 517 people for MCW with Koko Ware and Sid Vicious.  Vicious proves again to be a draw for this area.  Brian Thompson reported 78 paid for RCW debut and I am guessing over 100 in the building.  Not a great number, but I think it was real good considering the last wrestling show in Trumann, AR drew about 7 paid.  That group has a higher ticket price with most groups having to draw in the 130+ number to even come close to their gate.  I talked with the EWE office last night and they were in the 150+ range [drawing off that angle from last week-DK did show up last night also!!] and RRO was live in Newbern, TN for NBW with close to 130+ in the building. 

----An almost four year rant on my part of the collation of good workrate = good wrestling = good gates seems to finally be paying off for the area.  I have been to five shows in the last few weeks and the workrate in this area is far above what it was when this site started.  The understanding of putting a match together and doing different things for the same results and just the level of psychology even for the young guys is good.  I have written the word "solid" in my notebook so many times in the last few weeks.  This area is full of guys willing to work hard and go out and try different things.  The level of talent that was at the RCW show was a perfect example of taking all the best workers in the area and turning out good matches - stuff at the level that fans are not use to paying for in a town like Trumann, AR.  Thanks to all you - give yourself a pat on the back!  For us that talk so much about "what is wrong with the wrestling business", it is really good to see it when things are being done RIGHT.