Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cheap Heat- Tuesday Morning Quarterback by Gene Jackson


So I know this site is supposed to be mostly about local wrestling but I really don't get to see much of it so here's another column giving my take on the "new and unimproved" Monday Night Wars....with maybe a little local relevance thrown in at the end...

It's simply amazing how quickly TNA is falling right into being WCW Monday Nitro Version 2.0. It's like they are booking from Hogan/Bischoff's exact old playbook from before....minus the successful portion of Nitro's run.

First off.....WAY TOO MUCH BISCHOFF on Impact.....seriously I don't think he was on Nitro this much....I for one wasn't offended by the Sting heel turn although history has shown us TIME AND TIME AGAIN....this NEVER works. I don't even have a problem with the way they debuted RVD...even with the beatdown, he got a win over Sting....a meaningless win...but a win none the less.

Poor Hogan and Flair look awful out Trent Van Drisse said over on his board it was just sad to see them out there.....neither has any business actually wrestling these days....Hogan playing the general manager or whatever you call it these days is fine but PLEASE DON'T WRESTLE! It pisses me off to no end to see Flair in the ring wrestling.....the man got the greatest retirement send off in pro wrestling history....and his pisses it away cause he can't go six months without being's just sad. That's about all I can say on that.

Either Scott Hall is one of the great actors of our time or he was once again living up to his reputation coming out shit-housed on live national television.....I was one of the Outsider's biggest fans back in the day but I really don't care to see either Hall or Nash on tv at this point.....and what the hell is Eric Young thinking with that haircut....he looks like a freakin' waterhead retard....seriously....stick him in a wheelchair and he'd be Timmy from South Park.

Now...from what I gathered they were supposedly trying to get me to pay money to watch Kurt Angle wrestle Mr. at Destination X....and perhaps I would have after Anderson referred to the military guys at ringside with Angle as a "bunch of high school dropouts" (I laughed out loud at heat at it's finest) they then procede to have Angle completely beat the hell out of Anderson and leave him for dead in the ring.....what the hell else could Angle possibly do to him at the PPV?? Or am I supposed to be paying to see the heel get his revenge?? More idiotic booking.....IMHO.

So...that's my summary of Impact.

Now over to Raw.....Everyone knows I'm a huge mark for HBK (dammit, forgot to go get that new DVD today) I have no problem with the opening segment. People knock Vince saying he's as guilty as TNA for "pushing the old guys" but these two "old guys" can both work circles around 90% of the TNA locker it's cool.

I'm sorry but I was also a big fan of Bret Hart especially in the Attitude Era.....I think the whole Bret being heel in America but still a face in Canada was brilliant and it really shined a light on how wrestling and society in general was changing in the late 90's......he stayed the same and became a heel for it....while bad guys like Austin and DX got cheered for their "evil" ways..... So even though much like Flair and Hogan...Bret and Vince should be NO WHERE near a ring wrestling...I still wanna see the match at Wrestlemania because it's the payoff to what will always be one of wrestling's most talked about and legendary rivalries....and let's face it....until just recently....NO ONE EVER thought they'd see many more of those moments are left in wrestling?

As for the rest of the show....really not a lot stood out......I freakin' HATE Sheamus.....seriously...I just can't stand him....which I guess is good right.....I really don't care about the inner turmoil of the "Legacy"........I think John Cena week in and week out proves why he's wrestling's top him or hate him the man has a tremendous presence and always delivers on the mic.....putting over the most ridiculous scenarios at times with a delivery that really makes you believe what he's saying.....I'm actually looking forward to his match with Batista at Mania which is saying something cause I can't stand Batista.

I'm glad they actually did something to somewhat legitimize Morrison and Killings getting a match for the tag titles at WrestleMania....I was annoyed yet another makeshift team would be getting the shot but the match may actually be quite good and hell it's not like the tag titles have gotten ANY focus at WrestleMania in recent what can it hurt?

I actually checked out NXT and I have to say it's really not a bad concept at all....they may really be on to something.....some of it's annoying but it's a good way to bring in fresh talent and intermingle them with the "superstars" far it's been better than the shitty ECW brand for the past few years...

So in summary....I will be keeping my streak of ordering Wrestlemania every year alive as I have to see HBK/ well seeing Vince/Bret's historic showdown......I will NOT be ordering Destination X keeping my streak of having never ordered a TNA pay per view.

A couple of people have emailed me about bringing back Cheap Heat Radio and it's something I really wanna do......I'm trying to look at my work schedule and see when I could fit it in.......however if I'm gonna do it...I need some thing that's kept me from doing one recently is ONE: I don't have anything off the top of my head to talk about..... TWO: I have no interest in going back to doing the just straight up interviews.....there's just too many other places people can hear that stuff and a lot of it's rehashed anyway.... I would however like to have some more roundtable shows discussing local wrestling, national wrestling, old school wrestling, wrestling philosophies, and the if you have a topic you'd like to hear discussed or if your a wrestler, promoter, manager, fan, or whatever and have a topic you'd like to come on CHR and me at or go on myspace at

Also....another note....hopefully I will be back in the ring again this Friday night for All Pro Wrestling in Cullman, Alabama just down the road from where I live....I say hopefully cause I've been trying to get Kenny Valiant's number for an f'n month from various people and no one will give it to me....I swear I'd have an easier time calling Vince McMahon or if anyone reading this knows how to contact him before Friday....please email his number....or email me and I can give you mine to give to him......thanks....

until next time......