Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Golden Circle: "Give Me Embry Anyday" by Greg Anthony

Alot of the boys are working harder than ever to be in the kind of shape that might land them a contract. A word most of them use alot is "genetics". Some say they can't get those John Morrison abs or work, work, work but can't seem to add the muscle they want or need. Like BT ,and most of the boys in the business, we are first and foremost fans. And as a fan if you give me a choice between a 275 pound meathead that can't tell me who Lou Thesz is or someone less physically gifted but can work circles around 99.9%. Then give me the worker.

I'm not saying that we should all be fat slobs and not try to be in the best athletic shape we can be in. I'm saying overlooking people's ability in any sport or entertainment because they don't meet a specific visual criteria is not good business. Every wrestler seems to be under the same microscope as women in the entertainment industry. If you have a women with every musically talent in the world but if she's 300 pounds then all of sudden she's not suitable for the industry. As it goes for wrestling in this day and age.

Eric Embry was 5'10, around 225. He didn't have the physique of an Ultimate Warrior or Lex Luger. Even though I haven't had the pleasure of working with any of these men, if you told me I to pick one of these men to work for 6 months straight.. give me Embry any day. Of course that's purely from a working perspective. I'ld probably earn more money with Warrior but also some concussions.

My theory has changed alot in the last year or so. I see some guys getting on the gas, so they can be as big as humanly possible. They want to be COSMETICALLY in the greatest shape of their lives. They aren't working out to achieve a size,shape or health that will make them better workers. The steroid issue has fizzled out some but is still a touchy subject. I've never took steroids, obviously, but I have been tempted. I'd love to wrestle a match when I'm 70, like Thesz. By that time the next oldest person in the business would be like 28. On the bright side it might be my grandson.