Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"Not This Time Brother" - RRO Talks To Mickey Ray!!

----I had the chance to talk with Mickey Ray via cell phone about the situation with Danny B Goode from XOW's show yesterday morning. Ray had just turned on Goode in the bout and he planned to run in, bump a few times and leave Goode in the ring to do his end of night dance. He stated that Danny hit him very hard in the back of the head first and that was not planned. He then went on to hitting him in the back and leg with the chair. Goode swung the chair holding it by one leg and Ray ended up with a big knot on the back of his head. When I ask if it was a work, he said, "Not this time brother."

----So, all the workers and fans in the area will go in conspiracy mode with saying this is a huge work and it was not a shoot. And, honestly I thought the same thing. But, let’s go back to the lesson learned for the Bishop/Brian Christopher incident from last year. If these two guys work each other in the very near future, then it was a work. If you never see them in the ring against each other or even on the same shows with each other, then it was a shoot. Also, ask yourself – who are they working if it is not a shoot?? Wrestling News Center and RRO?? If so, then Mississippi wrestling promoters are stupider than I thought they were. In a post later today on the site, I will talk about a “shoot” angle that Jon Michael/Derrick King did on Saturday night at EWE. It was an angle and they were not working me backstage after the angle, because the guys that read this site are not going to equal money at the box office.

----And I will go on record, and I pretty much said the same thing about Brian Christopher, if you are a promoter in this area and you use Danny B Goode..well…you are stupid. Goode apparently went off on the whole crew backstage and never apologized to Ray. This business is based on getting in the ring and trusting your opponent. Even with the worst situations we have had with Eric Wayne/Greg King Jr and Syn/Jason Reed – those guys going in the ring trusted one another. And if you talked to all four of those guys right now, I can bet they would not have a problem working those same guys again. Ray would not be able to say that about Goode, because he could not trust him. Can everyone else just trust Goode and consider this an isolated incident?? I have worked with Ray on many occasions and it has always been a pleasure – one of the nicest guys in this area. I have worked with Goode once and it was a good experience also, but I have been told by many people in this area that Goode is hard to work with and doesn’t like doing a job.

----On the flip side, if it is a work, then you guys should know better. This will not benefit anyone and actually just gives Goode a bad name. I was told there were a lot of workers in the crowd and when Goode dropped the “f-bomb” a few times and such, the crowd left unhappy. There is a difference leaving the crowd unhappy [at the babyface] from angle than leaving them wanting to kill the heel [DK/Michael angle].