Thursday, March 11, 2010

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 3.06.10

Show starts off as usual with the playing of the National Anthem..Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman welcomes everyone to the DCW Arena, then PokerFace music hits and it is time for the Poker Face Showcase..He comes out and tells everyone that he has all the stroke around here and is going to decide who gets a shot at his title next but it wont be: JD Kerry, Ron McClarity, Southside Brawler, or Pimptacular..then the Natural Born Playaz music hits! Southside and Pimp come out and Southside tells Poker quit ducking and dodging me...GIVE ME MY TITLE SHOT! Southside says he is the #1 contender and wants his shot, but Mr Pimptacualr says brother I am the #1 Contender...Poker says he can solve his, and that Southside and Mr Pimptacular will face each other tonite to see who is the #1 Contender, then Soul Train Jones' music hits..but is calling himself Sweet Daddy Jones and comes out in one of the GREATEST outfits I have ever seen..STYLIN and PROFILIN as always! He tells Poker, he wants a shot tonite and Poker agrees...

Match 1: Cody vs Ron McClarity
-Ron really showed this rookie why he is one of the best veteran wrestlers in this part of the country..Really showed the kid how to wrestle from a technical stand-point and on a psychological the end Ron McClarity uses some mma submissions and wins via armbar...winner via submission Ron McClarity!

Match 2: Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique vs Ron Rage
-Tejano comes to the ring looking for his opponent, but since he wasnt here last week, he does not know that Ron "by God" Rage is back in DCW...Ron's music hits and the crowd goes crazy!! Match was amazing from start to finish..really good work in the ring from both guys and the match had the fans chanting USA and Go Ron Go the entire match..Man these fans hate Tejano and is one of the most OVER heels in this area or part of the the end Ron goes for pin and Dominique comes in to hit Ron Rage but ref Tim Daniels calls for a DQ..Ron grabs Dominique but she rolls out of the ring with Tejano..Ron tells Tejano that next week, he should bring his so called "woman" back for a little mixed tag action...Rage says me and my woman vs you and your woman....winner of the match via DQ Ron Rage!!

JB Hayes music hits but it is music we have heard before...JB comes out and says to the DCW Fans, he has made the greatest free-agent pick up in wrestling history for his company, JB Hayes Inc...then Rodney Mack's music hits...and the DCW Arena is shocked and start booing the Redd Dogg! Rodney looks at JB and says you are pretty happy and excited huh and JB says yes sir I am..then Rodney hits JB in the head with the microphone! He then proceeds to beat JB Hayes within an inch of his life and leaves him laying over in a corner of the DCW Arena and Rodney tells the fans that no one controls this Dogg and he is sick of everything...He says that the people of Jonesboro have turns their back on him and he says he hates Jonesboro and Arkansas...then JD Kerry comes out and the crowd goes crazy!! Kerry asks Rodney what has been going on with him lately and Rodney tells Kerry to keep him and his business out of his mouth..Quit disrespecting me says Rodney and Kerry tells Rodney that he has nothing but respect for him, then Rodney slaps Kerry and starts beating on him..

Match 3: JD Kerry vs Rodney Mack
-match was amazing and match of the night fast roller-coster from beginning to end! These two are amazing in the ring together and shows how great Kerry is becoming and how great Mack is..Rodney is one of the best technical wrestlers I have ever seen in the ring, and I have seen them all wrestle! One of the scary things is Kerry is really technical too and at only 16 years old..these two wrestle to the outside and both get counted out..a No-Contest via double-countout!! No words can describe the moves these two did for about 8 minutes before they went to the outside...Def should have been on Impact or Raw, would have boosted both ratings...

Match 4: Mr. Pimptacular vs Southside (for the #1 Contender Spot for the DCW Title) -match was really good, and another match of the nite candidate...It is amazing how traveling up and down the road together, being really good friends, and wrestling as long as these two have and how they anticipated every move each other did..Great Chemistry in the ring together! Match goes back and forth...but it looks like Southside is about to when but while the referee is down, Rodney Mack comes out and spears Southside...Pimp rolls him up for the 1-2-3! Winner via pinfall Mr Pimptacular...thanks to Rodney Mack..then tells Southside its just business like he stated earlier but tells Southside that he is sick of people getting involved in their matches so he wants to challenge Poker and Mack to a tag team match next week against the NBP...

Match 5: Sweet Daddy Jones vs PokerFace for the DCW World Heavyweight Title -great match! Poker is amazing in the ring and always has been and Soul Train aka Sweet Daddy Jones is good as well..both men's styles complimented each other well! Poker is more technical and speed oriented and Sweet Daddy is more focused on power and acceleration moves...match went for about 15 to 20 minutes and was exciting the entire way...but in the end Rodney Mack comes out when the referee's back was turned and spears Sweet Daddy Jones..Poker rolls him up for the 1-2-3! Winner and still DCW Champion PokerFace....
Crowd was great considering there was a Monster Truck show at the Convo..crowd was about 150! Def a good crowd from top to bottom and some great is amazing to see Rodney Mack as a heel and is good to see him back as one.

Biggest Pop: Ron Rage
Best Heat: Rodney Mack

Credit: Jeff Perryman