Friday, March 26, 2010

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 3.20.10

Show starts off with the National Anthem as always with Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman welcoming everyone to another night of DCW Action...

Match 1: Donnie Rush vs JD Kerry
-was a rematch from last week and this time JD Kerry controlled most of the match up with Donnie and Kerry exchanging some very past-paced moves and great chain-wrestling..Rodney Mack ends up coming out in the end and power-bombing Donnie and tells JD Kerry to beat on him, which he does...winner via DQ Donnie Rush

Then Ron McClarity comes out and tells Kerry he should not be following in the foot steps of his mentor and that he should think about what Rodney Mack is doing..If Rodney aligns himself with Kerry, he does not have to worry about you in whatever road he is traveling down..Kerry tells McClarity to shut up and quit disrespecting him again like he did getting his license taken away a few months ago, but McClarity tells Kerry he did no do it, but if he feels like he did do something about it....

Match 2: Ron McClarity vs JD Kerry
-very, very good match..enjoyed every second of it! These two work great in the ring together, they fought in ring, on the outside, and in the front row of the crowd! Match went back and forth, with Kerry hitting many fast paced technical moves and McClarity using his wrestling knowledge, technical skills, and experience to counter Kerry's great moves..Match went back and forth until PokerFace comes out and distracts McClarity and JD Kerry rolls him up for the 1-2-3...winner via pinfall JD Kerry!!

Sweet Daddy Jones (aka Soul Train) comes out to ask Rodney Mack why he has been acting the way he has..Sweet Daddy says that he is going to have to do something about it, if Rodney Mack does not straighten up and he challenges Rodney Mack to a match later on in the night..Rodney Mack comes out and accepts and we have our co-main event for the evening!!

Match 3: Natural Born Playaz vs the Gorillaz (new look to them in gangsta clothes)
-match starts off with Southside saying to the crowd, he does not understand why Mr Pimptacular no showed last week and left him helpless, but he heard Mr Pimptacular had a family emergency..Southside said well hey DCW we are kin and I had no idea about the so-called "family emergency"...match starts off with Mr Pimptacular and the new look Gorillaz and they start to beat down Pimp..after a few minutes of getting beat on and Mr Pimptacular goes for a tag Southside turns around and climbs off the apron to (tie his shoe, fix his clothes, or something) and Mr Pimptacular is left taking a beating...Finally Southside gets involved and goes to hit one of the Gorillaz with a road sign while the ref's back is turned but "accidentally" hits Mr Pimptacular...winner via pinfall the Gorillaz!!

Ron Rage comes out and talks about how last week when he gave the Wazzzup to Dominique..he had to take too many showers and brush his teeth to get the "stank" and "funk" off of him..He brings a POB grooming and accessories kit to the ring (Casey and myself laughed at this skit for 15 minutes) to help with body odor and feminine control lol..finally Dominique comes out and says Ron better be glad that Tejano isn't here b/c he would kill him..then all of a sudden The Tejano Kid comes through the front door while Ron Rage's back is turned and starts to beat on him...

Match 4: Ron Rage vs Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique
-match was great, these two work amazingly together!! Crowd was into from when Ron Rage hit the curtain to cut a promo...both men exchanged moves but Tejano handcuffs Ron to the ropes and starts to just maul him...Then Tejano gets on the mic and tells Rick Ruby that he is gonna beat him like this and Rick comes out pleeding that Tejano quit..and Tejano beats Rage into a bloody pulp...winner via DQ Ron Rage

Match 5: PokerFace vs Genesis (non-title)
-great match between these two..def needed to be on tv somewhere! Genesis makes his DCW return in a big match against the DCW World Heavyweight Champion..both men showed some great moves in the ring and great speed from Genesis in his execution of moves considering he is a big guy..Genesis has the match under control then Rodney Mack comes out to distract him..Genesis rolls Poker up but Rodney goes to reverse the move to help Poker but Jazz comes out to help Genesis..poor ref Tim Daniels had his hands full, but Genesis reverses the roll up himself and gets the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Genesis! Rodney Mack gets pissed that Jazz comes out to support Genesis and Mack and Poker go to the back...

Match 6: Sweet Daddy Jones vs Rodney Mack
-amazing match..these two are like watching to big powerful animals wrestle! Both of these guys are in immaculate shape and can bench press a building if they had to and their big powerful moves showed it..Mack uses his speed and agility and Sweet Daddy uses his Power and athleticism to match wits with Mack...match was amazing and ashamed it ended the way it did..Mack goes to spear Sweet Daddy but Sweet Daddy moves out of the way and referee Tim Daniels gets folded in half by the spear...match was a No Contest!!

But after all of that, they men kept fighting and slowly but surely the locker room emptied out and everyone was fighting in the was pure bedlam in the ring and Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman could barely keep up with all the action..finally Genesis, Sweet Daddy, Donnie, Ron Rage, and Southside cleared the ring....going to def be a crazy night next week in the Dogg House to see how things turn out after this crazy week!

Crowdshas been great the past few weeks with about 150-170..They are def like seeing the different guys coming in every week and they def like Genesis!! He is def a guy to watch for over the next year or so to really make it big..He has the look and ability to make it far....

Biggest Pop: Ron Rage
Biggest Heat: Rodney Mack with Tejano Kid coming in at a close second

Credit: Jeff Perryman