Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 3.13.10 - Stan Lee Gone!!

 ----Stan Lee, who has been booking this group since the change over from TLCW to EWE is gone.  He is done with the promotion along with Derrick King, Cody Melton and a few more.  Lee is forming a tag team with Chris O'Neal and will be called "High Stakes".  They are taking booking in the area.  This show was booked by Christian Jacobs.  I look for him and Jon Michael to do a lot of the EWE stuff from this point forward.

Rockin' Randy and Dell Tucker come to the ring announcing that Derrick King has selected his 4 man team for the Elite 8 tournament.  Tucker says that the team will consist of himself, Randy, King, and Cody Melton. Dustin Baker comes to the ring and says that everyone must still qualify, and makes a match for Rockin' Randy to earn his spot in, beginning immediately.  "The Bluesman" Ike Tucker comes to the ring and gets to work on Randy.  Tucker will score the pinfall and will qualify for the Elite 8 tournament to be held at Mayhem.

Baker makes the next match for the tournament between Dell Tucker and Tatt2.  Rockin' Randy interferes and causes Tatt2 to win via disqualification.  Seth Knight makes his return to Ripley by helping Tatt2 and running Randy and Tucker out of the ring.  Baker comes out and announces the main event for tonight will be The Prodigies Dell Tucker and Rockin' Randy vs. Tatt2 and Seth Knight.

J.R. Manson def. Rude via pinfall after Tommy Redneck distracts Rude so that Manson can score the pin.

EWE Heavyweight Champion Christian Jacobs def. Tommy Redneck via tapout.

The Prodigies Dell Tucker and Rockin' Randy def. Tatt2 and Seth Knight via pinfall.