Thursday, March 25, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 3.20.10

----Well, I guess I was wrong about DK and Melton being gone, because they are here in the results.  I love the big push of Michael/CJ as top babys.  I bet their match vs Randy/Tucker was good.

Derrick King and Cody Melton start the show with an interview. Derrick tells everyone in the crowd exactly why Stan Lee quit and about everything that's been going on with the building's owner. He then says he wants back complete control of EWE and the best way to do that is to take the Heavyweight title from Christian Jacobs. CJ and Jon Michael come to the ring and CJ tells Derrick that he and Jon Michael already have a scheduled match with The Prodigies later in the night, otherwise he would be glad to make him tap out. Derrick tells them "ok...good luck with your match tonight," and everyone leaves the ring.
Rude def. Tommy Redneck after Redneck is caught with several chains
Seth Knight def. J.R. Manson for Manson's spot in the Elite 8 tournament. After the match, Derrick King and Cody Melton attack both men and hit the superkick and backstabber on Knight. Christian Jacobs runs to the ring and throws Melton over the top rope and then puts Derrick in the sharpshooter. DK is tapping like crazy as Melton pulls him out of the ring. DK teases getting back in the ring, but then thinks better of it and heads to the back.
Tommy Redneck comes to the ring and says that he wanted to prove himself tonight. He says that he was cheated out of his match for no good reason and calls out anyone willing to fight him. Out comes Tatt2.
Tatt2 def. Tommy Redneck after Redneck is once again caught trying to use a chain. Tatt2 says that he doesn't want to win that way, so he asked for the match to be restarted. He then pinned Redneck for the win.
EWE Heavyweight Champion Christian Jacobs and Jon Michael def The Prodigies by count out after the clothesline/catapult splash combo on Rockin' Randy to the post on the outside of the ring knocked Randy out cold. After the match, DK and Cody Melton come out with a mic. Derrick says that since he is still 50% owner, he has the power to make matches too. He then tells CJ and Jon Michael that they have another match. This time it's against himself and Cody...and Tucker and Randy in a 4 on 2 handicap match! After a brutal fight, CJ goes to spear DK, but Rockin' Randy pushes Derrick out of the way and takes the spear himself for the 1-2-3. As CJ and Jon Michael celebrate a huge win, Derrick grabs the Heavyweight title. This was a distraction and The Prodigies jump CJ and Jon Michael from behind. Derrick hits both men with the belt and then proceeds to put the sharpshooter on CJ while Cody Melton forces an unconscious CJ to tap out!