Thursday, March 04, 2010

RassleResults: MACW Dyersburg, TN 3.05.10

-Show starts with Rick the Stick in the ring addressing the MACW title.  He calls Jason Vaughn and Tim Edwards out and tells them that both will have matches tonight to see who will wrestle next week for the right to wrestle for the title. They got to pick the opponents.  Jason picks Jon Storm for Edwards.  Edwards hold for his pick.

-Tim Edwards beats Jon Storm to go to the finals of the MACW title match.

-Blaine Devine vs Seth Knight vs Jason Static – good solid triple threat match with Devine pulling the “Pez Dispenser”.  This match looked like Seth was going to pull out to win.  Out of no where Devine throws out Seth and hits the pd for the win.

-Jon Biscuit Roberts beat Brandon Espinosa.  For the second week in a row Biscuit has cheated to win.  This week saw Brandon hitting a superman punch, when he hit the punch Biscuit dropped a chain and Brandon picked it up at the wrong time.  The ref seen it and DQ    ‘ed him. After the match Gaylon Ray came out to try and talk some sense into his brother [Biscuit].

-Tim Edwards chooses Shawn Santel to wrestle Jason Vaughn.  This was one of the best for young Jason Vaughn.  A lot of high impact action with Santel really impressing the MACW crowd.  The end of the match had Jason making a comeback until Edwards hit him in the back of the head with the title belt. Santel jumped on for the 1, 2, 3. Rick The Stick then restarted the match and Jason won from a backfire from Edwards.

-Blade with Aroura beat Chris Rocker.  It looked like Rocker had this won with a superkick but had no ref after a bump. Blade ended up hitting Rocker from behind and rolled him with his tights after Aroura had pulled the ref out of the ring.

-“Rhythm and Blues” [Brian Steele/Ike Tucker] beat “Prodigies” [Dell Tucker/Rockin Randy] when Randy was caught with his loaded boot for the DQ.

----Crowd was in the 50 range…This group has a big show in April with Buff Bagwell…Not sure what the “Pez dispenser” is??...A lot of young talent here and I will have to make it out to a show soon to see some of them.