Thursday, March 18, 2010

RassleResults: MACW Dyersburg, TN 3.12.10

-Show started with Rick the Stick giving the MACW Title to Jason Vaughn.  Tim Edwards came out and put belt on Vaughn shoulder and shook his hand.  Edwards [even though a heel] said he had earned his respect to be champion.

 -Blaine Devine beat Seth Knight when Oz distracted Knight

-Tim Edwards vs Jeff Blair. Biscuit and Tim Edwards jumped Blair and hit with 2 Death Curbs [Edwards traps his legs and arms with Biscuit coming off the 2cnd rope with a curb stomp]

-Ike Tucker beat Oz with sidewalk slam. After the match Tim Davis and Missouri Renegade came out and accepted the challenge of The “Prodigies” [Dell Tucker/Rockin Randy].  “Prodigies” were not there, so it would be for this week.

-Chris Rocker beat Shawn Santel with a frog splash.  After the match Santel hit Rocker from behind and hooked him a crippler crossface. Jason Vaughn made the save.

-Jon “Biscuit” Roberts beat Brandon Espinosa by a kick in the crotch. Gaylon Ray came out with a video cam and showed the ref what happened.  Match was restarted with  Espinosa winning the match.  Gaylon was beat up by Roberts/Edwards after the match.

-Jason Vaughn by Dq over Rude.  Rude caught with chain aft

-40 in the building