Monday, March 08, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Luxora, AR 3.06.10 - 517 pack the building!!


After the flag presentation Homer Lee came out and threw candy to the crowd....

The first match had C-Money of the "East Coast Bad Boys"  beating Snuffy the Hillbilly

The second match had the "Hambones"  [Leroy and Pedro] beating Homer Lee and Aaron Exctasy

The third match was a Ladies Title match with Candy retaining the title with a win over Ms. Innocent.with Rashard Devon

The 4th match had Sid Vicious, Lord Humongous and Cmoney beating Buzzkill, Jeremy Splicer and Snuffy

The 5th match ended with Frankie Tucker getting a dq win over Bishop due to outside interference from Vman and Officer Hudson..  Koko Ware and Big Daddy Lafonce made the save setting up a main event match for the mcw tag titles.

The champions the Vman and Hudson defending against Koko and Big Daddy......Koko and Big Daddy ended up winning by dq as Rashard interfered and called out the heel dressing room and they beat down Koko and Big Daddy until the faces came and evened things up.