Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Oscelola, AR 3.12.10

Friday night was intense and full of drama! Each match had its own drama and story 1st match was the returning Shawn vs Ray for a Cruiser Weight Shot. Ray outsmarted Shawn this time and got himself DQed so the belt wouldn't change hands, Oh but it will sooner or later, it always does.

2nd match was a Handicapp Match C-Money with Spiro at ringside against 1/2 of the Tag Team Champions Officer Hudson and Jeremy Spiker. Spiro is still on the injured list, but he was a big support to C-Money at ringside. C-Money took some serious blows but still ended up with the pin on Jeremy Spiker. Although Spiro has been out of the ring awhile, the fans still voted him Wrestler of the Week.

3rd Match was a Ladies Title Shot Miss Candy vs Miss Innocent. The match was intense and both wrestlers fought hard and showed talent. Miss Innocent ended up with the Pin and hung the belt around her waist. The crowd was not happy.

Semi Main event was All American Frankie T and Aaron XTC vs the Hambones 1 & 2. This match was a little different from the last couple of weeks. The Hambones have been on a winning streak against the younger wrestlers by double teaming them. That tactic didn't work tonight! The Hambones gave Aaron a pretty rough time but Aaron held his own quite well. They wasn't quite as tough when it came to facing Frankie. Frankie gave them both a few of his famous chops and they don't fare well with those blows. They didn't get to double team Frankie and Aaron, these guys are much to quick for that kind of thing. After several hard knocks, Frankie got the best of them and took the pin.

The Main event was a true thriller. Rashard thinks he has it all figured out, well his little organization took a spin this past couple of weeks. Last week Rashard messed up and caused the title shot match to be between his two top wrestler, Pokerface and Bishop. Both Pokerface and Bishop were upset. Both Pokerface and Bishop said they was going to wrestle one another however, the contract stands. Then Pokerface decided that he deserved that title shot because he is orginially from Osceola. He started his career at MCW and he was carried every belt except the Heavy Weight and now it's his time for his shot!!!!! Bishop wasn't happy about Pokerfaces decision but the contract is a contract. The ref brought around a whole new twist to the match, it was Big Daddy! The match was intense both wrestler's gave it their all. Rashard jumped up in the ring going to end the match he thought by knocking Big Daddy out, that didn't happen either. Rashard drawed back the laptop to hit Big Daddy but knocked Pokerface out instead, noticing his mistake, He swung the laptop again to hit Big Daddy and Big Daddy ducked and Rashard nailed Bishop knocking him out and then Rashard pinned Bishop by a BIG MISTAKE! Rashard gets the Heavy Weight Belt, when the other two came to their sense, they were mad. Now where is the Belt going to end up. During this whole match, the crowd was chanting POKERFACE, POKERFACE! Pokerface is truly the original one in this saga! I believe the crowd wants POKERFACE as their champ!

Credit: Kim Wallace and MCW