Sunday, March 21, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Oscelola, AR 3.19.10

The night started out in a bang.Ray, Rashard, Pokerface, VMAN and Officer Hudson and Miss Innocent busted out before the flag was honored running their mouths and even had the brass to call Big Daddy, Big Lady LaFonce, go figure, do they know who they are messing with?

A Ladies Match. Miss Candy and Homer Lee vs Miss Innocent and Ms. Nay Nay.  The match was good, wrestling was intense, Miss Innocent thought she and Nay Nay had it in a bag. Nay Nay went to body slam Miss Candy and she reversed out of it and put Nay Nay in a small package and took the pin. Miss Innocent really thinks she is all that since she has the belt. Her interview was her calling Miss Candy a country bumpkin has she looked at straw like hair lately was one comment that come from the many fans. Southside and Pimp returned tonight and they still carry an attitude from being beat the last time they were here. They wrestled with a vengeance tonight against Pokerface and Jeremy Spiker. To wrap the match up Southside gave Jeremy a "Clothesline from jail" and took the pin. Jeremy looked a little off balance as he made his way out of the ring.

Next was C-Money and Shawn vs VMan and Officer Hudson. Shawn took a beating from these two guys. Spiro was at ringside and everyone knows he is still on the injured list but that didn't stop VMan and Officer Hudson from taking advantage of him. Spiro was too hot, he claims when he comes back that these two men have it coming. VMan Choke Slammed Shawn and took the pin.

Frankie Tucker and Big Daddy Lafonce vs Hambones 1 & 2, this was an all out street fight, there was fighting all over the building. The ref determined it a draw and nobody won but the Hambones took an OLD FASHION BUTT KICKING!

Main event was Bishop vs Rashard for a Heavyweight Title Shot. Pokerface is really mad over this Heavy Weight belt situation and Big Daddy promised him a shot next week. Bishop dominated the match against Rashard tonight however, Big Daddy and Frankie make an entrance and Big Daddy distracts the ref as Frankie interferes and Rashard gets the pin on Bishop.  Rashard remains the Heavyweight Champ. Rashard has really taken this seriously, you would think that piece of Leather was his new girlfriend, he was kissing the belt and prancing around like he was at a ballroom dancing with some beautiful woman. Come join us next week and see what the Heavyweight Match has to offer. Several fans tonight stated that they can't wait for Pokerface to take Rashard out.

Credit: MCW and Kim Wallace