Thursday, March 11, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 3.05.10

Friday  night was action packed. The opening match was Jeremy Spiker  and Ray. Ray, the oldest wrestler in the match and obviously wiser, dominated the entire match. Jeremy missed a Sunset flip and Ray took the pin.

Next was a great match and entertaining too. Pimp and Southside vs VMan and Officer Hudson, the winner of this match get a tag team title shot.  Rashard was of course in the corner of VMAN and Officer Hudson, these men have demonstrated great skill and have made themselves a name in this area. The match was tough and power, Rashard was cheating every chance he could get by choking Pimp and Southside with a tie. VMan choked slammed both Pimp and Southside at one point, however when it was all over, Southside placed Rashard in a submission hold and Southside and Pimp take the win as Rashard tapped out. VMan and Officer Hudson were not happy campers.
Third match was Homer Lee and Frankie Tucker vs Hambones 1 &2. Frankie and Homer dominate the match and are getting ready for the pin when in runs the all dreaded Pokerface and jumps on Frankie Tucker. Frankie and Homer Lee take the win by DQ.  This sets the tone and mood for the Main Event between Frankie Tucker and Pokerface and the winner gets a Heavy Weight title shot.

4th match is a Ladies match, Ms. Candy and Nay Nay. The match shows talent for both Ms. Candy and Nay Nay however real talent can never been proven when Rashard is in the picture because during the match, Rashard and Ms. Innocent comes out and Miss Innocent is in a neck brace claiming to be hurt, however she manages to interfere in the match and Nay Nay gets a DQ. Miss Innocent must not be really bright because she keeps interferring knowing that Ms. Candy has beat her at every trick in the book. You think that she would finally learn but we all know what they say about blondes and the description fits her very well. Because of the interference, there will be a rematch between Ms. Candy and Ms Innocent on Saturday Night in Luxora!

Main Event of the evening:  All American Frankie Tucker vs Pokerface. The match was great, both opponents were fighting with all there might. Both of these guys are really after the Heavy Weight belt. Frankie was lighting Pokerface up and of course Pokerface and Rashard was both trying to outsmart someone.  However, the joke ended up on Pokerface tonight. Frankie T had Pokerface beat down and was making the pin but decided that he would hold Pokerface on top and allow Pokerface to pin him to see just what would happen in a heavyweight title shot between best friends, Pokerface vs Bishop. Poker was not happy, but the ref called it right down the middle.

Credit: Kim Wallace and MCW