Thursday, March 04, 2010

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results WrapUp 2.13 to 2.27.10


The show opens with the announcement that Crazy Train was injured and forced to relinquish the NBW Championship, and that there would be a 15 man Battle Royal for the title.

Jeremy Moore and The Anarchy came to the ring and said tonight nobody would stop him from winning the Championship. Moore then called out DJ Stunner and said he decided to give DJ 1 more shot to be in the family. Billy Russ said he has been there for DJ and Moore doesn't care about DJ. Russ said if Stunner wanted to go back to the Anarchy then he handed DJ a kendo stick and turned his back and told DJ to hit him. Stunner was getting ready to hit him and then DJ threw up the X to a big pop. Moore was livid and said tonight DJ would face SYN 1 on 1!

Shannon Lee def. Jason Reed after interference from Big Red

Mark Justice def. Blaine Devine

Seth Knight def. Big Red after Jason Reed helped Seth

Brandon Espinosa def. Shawn Shantell

SYN vs. Stunner was thrown out after Anarchy attacked Stunner. Weezy tried to help but was cut off and then out of the crowd Biscuit jumped the rail and cleared the ring. Moore had Biscuit escorted out. Crowd was hot for this

Jeremy Moore won the NBW Championship Battle Royal after Moore rolled to the floor and was forgotten about. Knight thought he had the match won and Moore dumped him over. Moore vs. Knight was set up for the next week!

Great show around 110 in the crowd


Mickey Ray opened the show and called out Moore to make things right between them. Mickey said He now understood Moore. Ray said Sarge was scared of him and issued an open challenge.

Weezy def. Mickey Ray w/ Sarge's help

The Kid def. Shannon Lee to earn a future title shot

Syn/Suicide/Blaine Devine def. Biscuit/Stunner/Mark Justice

Jason Reed def. Big Red Post Match Red put a heavy beating on Reed

Jeremy Moore def. Seth Knight to retain the NBW Title after using the belt to hit Seth and score the pin. After the match Moore and Devine was beating on Seth until Rocker came out and called them off. Rocker said he mentored both Moore and Devine and never taught them this way. Moore said he was the champion and would do what he wanted. Rocker was checking on Seth and Moore hit Chris. Moore and Devine were beating on Rocker until Rocker and Seth made a comeback and knocked both of them out of the ring. Rocker challenged Moore and said he was a chicken, after hesitation Moore slid into the ring and caught a superkick to end the show!

Really good show again w/ around 120 in the crowd


Moore and Devine w/ Oz came to the ring saying last week Rocker stuck his nose where it didn't belong and tonight he would be taught a lesson. Rocker and Seth came out and got in the ring to confront The Anarchy. Rocker said why wait until later? Moore said he is a wrestler and will only wrestle in gear and not blue jeans like the fans are used to seeing. Rocker and the crowd chanted chicken and Moore was livid saying he wasn't a chicken. Ref's got in between the 2 teams and Moore said they will find out who is better later on!

Biscuit def. Void after Void tried to use a chain and Weezy told the Ref and Void was caught and rolled up for the 3

Weezy vs. Buckwheat ended after Void jumped Weezy and Biscuit saved. Void said next week BLS would return and teach them a lesson!

Mark Justice and The Kid def. Big red and Oz after Red was counted out by referee Rufus

Sarge def. Shannon Lee in what Sarge thought was a High Risk Title match, as it turns out Shannon said Sarge didn't read the fine print.

Moore/Devine def. Rocker/Knight after the Ref was down and Rocker hit a frogsplash on Devine and Moore used a stun gun on Rocker and got the 1,2,3! After the match Moore and Devine continued to use the Stun Gun on Rocker and Knight until Mark Justice and the Kid ran them outta the ring.

Another really good show. Crowd was around 125-130 or so

----This group is drawing better on a regular basis than most in this area.  A lot of young talent here and some of them doing double-duty at MACW...I like the idea of putting Moore as a "chicken shit - killer" [is that possible??] type heel.  I mean he has to use a stun gun to put them out, but he is not scared to do it...Book Tour 2010 will be stopping by Saturday night along with one of my favorite tag teams - "Black Label Society".  Let me just say, [without telling much], but I would like to invite everyone out Saturday night to see the "new & improved" ME!! LOL  You also may have a chance to see something that only a very few people in this area have witnessed and Austin Lane has seen it twice. LOL  That is all I am saying!!