Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Shows of the Weekend 3.05 to 3.06.10

---CLICK HERE for regular shows.  There are a lot of special shows this weekend, so I thought I would add this early.
-3.05.10 - RCW Trumann, AR - RCW DEBUT!!
-3.06.10 - NBW Newbern, TN 3.06.10

PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP TO BOOK YOUR PROMOTION FOR THE YEARBOOK TOUR!! I will announce more dates next week!! I am accepting dates up to the April 16-17th weekend. 

-Tomorrow night in Scotts Hill, TN with Kevin White, Doug Gilbert, Roaddogg Jesse James,Su Yung,  Michael Gilbert, Cody Melton and more @ the Scotts Hill High School.

-Friday night in Henderson, TN at the Carl Perkins Center with Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, KokoWare, Kevin White, Brian Christopher,Spellbinder, Su Yung,  Michael Gilbert. Albino Rhino, Maxx Corbin , Steve O, Matt Boyce and many more.

- Saturday night 700pm at the Charles Strong Recreation Center Luxora, AR with WWE and WCW former world heavyweight champion Sid Vicious returns to rule Luxora and the world. Also WWE hall of famer and memphis legend KOKO B. Ware will be there and will have state trooper Freddy B. Ware in his corner. Koko will be the tag partner of Big Daddy Lafonce Latham. also appearing will be the MCW heavyweight champion Bishop..The All-American Frankie Tucker..The East Coast Bad Boys...The Hambones...Homer Lee...V-Man....Officer Hudson..Ms Candy the new MCW ladies champ and more  tickets are 5 dollars  in advance and 7 dollars at the door.. call 6227088 or 8150711 for more information.

-Got this about Saturday's S & V show!!
..On March 6, 2010 in Memphis, Tn-we return to The Buccaneer with Oil Wrestling for first off: SINGLE HUGEST ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT SEX AND VIOLENCE AND ITS FUTURE IN MEMPHIS and the return of SnV to Memphis in mid-May plus THE Sick Bytch Championship and SnV IS PROUD TO LAUNCH THE FIRST EVER WRESTLING SCIENCE TITLE! It is the most elite and best talent in the area hand-picked by us in what WE feel is the very best pure wrestling talent in the area as longtime local and as seen on WWE and OVW Derrick King takes on "Dynamite" Seth Knight. Knight is EXTREMELY UNDERATED and COMLETELY UNDERAPPRECIATED and looking to make the biggest impact possible. SnV DVDs are distributed WORLWIDE and this match will showcase THE VERY BEST wrestling technical wrestlers that all of the local area has to offer. It is not a knock to any of the other local area talent but this was hand selected and a meaning of putting a Title on what we here at Sex and Violence feels is the very premeire talent and in a pure sense too athletes worthy of such an honor. ALSO, get this, THE MEMPHIS RETURN OF A W.E.E.D. (Wrestling's Extreme Execution Daredevils) as Motley (Garcia) Cruze and Izzy High (American Kickboxer) are slated to wrestle. Just wait and see! Kickboxer, hey hey, I LOVE this guy:
ALSO, AS ALWAYS, THE Sick Fuck Championship defended in a four-way against The BRAND NEW SnV Sick Fuck Champion of the Universe, The Big Chief vs. (former) LONGEST REIGNING CZW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION EVER and Tournament of Death 6 Winner "The Psycho Shooter" Drake Younger ALSO 2/3 of THE Naptown Dragons, SCOTTY VORTEX debuts vs. the fourth participant ECW Original Hack Myers in a 4-way Deathmatch, Fans Bring the Weapons! Must Be A Winner AND THE LOSER OF THE FALL GETS THEIR HEAD SHAVED! Winner of the fall IS THE SICK FUCK CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE as The Big Chief puts it all on the line!!! THIS SHOW IS THE SHOW NOT TO MISS, EXPECT A HUGE SnV STATE OF BUSINESS ADDRESS, MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
 ...Remember the last time CZW invaded Memphis? If you thought that was some crazy shit, well, you haven't seen a God-damn thing yet. Now either you are a fucking moron with your head up your ass or you know who Drake Younger is, just to remind you, welcome aboard to SnV "Psycho Shooter":
 ...Winner takes it all. Drake Younger was voted the TOP Deathmatch Wrestler in the world that SnV Deathmatch Dreamatch fans of Sex and Violence voted to see and on March 6th, 2010 WE WILL MAKE HISTORY!!!