Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Straight Flush "In A Perfect Wrestling World" by Pokerface

In a Perfect Wrestling World

This week's article will not be as long as the others, but it's what I feel is the "Perfect Wrestling World". Week after week I complain about what I feel are the sins and ills of wrestling. But you may wonder, what is Poker's idea wrestling environment. Well here goes...

Local Level or Regional Level - I would first start with the promoters. The promoters would have to be full- time. Not just weekend promoters. That way 100% of their attention would be focused on the company. That way if wrestling if  was the only way they ate, a better product may be produced. The same goes for the wrestlers. Only full timers. If wrestling is the only way they ate, a better presentation of their abilities may surface. There would be only one promotion running within a 300 mile radius in any one state. Actually only one promotion per every two states. This would help prevent overexposure to any one area by different companies. Hopefully having fewer companies would help lessen the chance of shoddy workers having a job, and also lessen shitty promoters from killing towns. In today's economy, drawing at least 700 paid fans a show would be acceptable, running at least 3 shows a week. Running 3 shows a week give the boys quality down time to spend with their family, go to the gym, or workout in the ring. If the with the right sponsors, 700 paid fans a show could be somewhat profitable to the boys and the office, as long as overhead is kept low. Plus the boys would have more of a chance to make extra money selling merchandise. But shooting for more than 700 is always a must. And all the boys would have gear. No backyard attire allowed.

National and International Level -

It would be great to have 2 major promotions in the US, but no more than that, so not to risk overexposure on the television market. With two promotions the boys would always have some kind of leverage or bargaining power. Only 4 wrestling shows a week would be shown, for instance RAW- Smackdown, Nitro - Thunder. The brand split was one of the best ideas WWE has had. So if there were a second company, I would keep with that idea. There would be be two major organizations in Europe as is in the US, that would at times tour Africa, China, etc. There would be two major Japanese promotions. So I guess you could say that there would only be 6 major wrestling companies. This would guarantee that there would always be a place to make the money in wrestling.

Overall - There would be 3 major  accredited wrestling universities. They would properly train prospects. They would have to be approved by both major US companies. All the promotions would book according to logic and not bullshit. All wrestlers would be paid a minimum and would get paid according to drawing power. The status or position of the wrestlers would be based on talent and ability, not politics or who's blowing the boss(yeah I said it, so what) Last but not least, we all would wrestle for the fans, and not feel that they owe us something. Like I said, all this would be possible, in a  "Perfect Wrestling World", but we don't live in one. Until next time, keep your pimp hand strong!