Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Straight Flush "The State Of the Business" by Pokerface

The State of the Business ( well locally):

Has anything changed much since my last gripe? Ha, ha, I don't think it has. Business as usual from what I gather. It is, and probably continue to be the same old same, with a few little fluctuations here and there. Now it's time for my rant.

TV- As far as I know four promotions are either on or about to some kinda of television spot. I guess for some reason these people actually feel that they can actually make money running a wrestling company. I'm not saying that it's impossible, but the chances are slim and A- cup (think about it). I've worked in many different places where they were "gonna or try to get TV". Let's just say they aren't in business anymore. It's more involved than what most people think. I should know, I've seen it done the right way and the wrong way. I know some exposure is better than none, but it all comes down to the product. I worked for a company over a year ago , that drew near the 400 paid mark on a semi regular basis. The means a lot to me because I saw it grow from barely 100 paid to 400 in about 6 months. That's a pretty big jump for an indy show. True they did have a TV spot locally, but it was the hard work of the guys that did it, and I was proud to be part of it. Again its all about your product. Honestly, I hope all these new television ventures succeed, I guess time will tell. In one area that I work, at times there maybe 3 companies running on the same weekend. Too many people trying to divide the pie. And we wonder why no one is drawing.

Attendance -

From what I hear at times the attendance is a little higher, I guess. For most companies to draw they have to give away tickets, do a benefit, or some kind of special night attraction. Now there is nothing wrong with that, we gotta do what we gotta do. But if that's the only way we can draw, then something is wrong. Sometimes special incentives are needed to stimulate or re- stimulate the fans' interest. When it's all said and done, it's about the product and marketing. One of the best advertising tools is word of mouth. How do rumors spread. If you can give the fans something that they'll be talking about for at least 3 days after the show, then you are on the right track. To a certain point, that should be on the shoulders of the wrestlers as well as the promoters. Do what's good for the business. Be willing to be a sacrificial lamb for the company. That doesn't mean to let yourself get buried, but try to keep the mindset, that at least at this level, this is a team sport.

Once again I know my attempt to smarten the "boys" or the "office" is futile. You can't say I haven't tried. Nothing I gripe about or bring up is anything that I don't do myself. Anyone I've worked with or for can attest to that. Until then, we will continue to see the same old matches, with no creativity. The same weekend warrior wrestlers, who are afraid to get out of their comfort zone. We will continue to see the "babyface shine", heat spot, heat, double down, comeback, cutoff, and finish (YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!) The same lame ass, boring promos that would put a dead man in a coma. We will continue hearing about mofos getting fired from one company and then jumping ship 30 miles down the road, just to kiss and make up 2 months later a make the whole thing an angle. Then do the shit over again. We will continue to here about mofos not wanting to do business because they are soooooo good and over. That's why I'm selective about the shows I do. Even the ones that "draw" 1000 or so, I wouldn't be to quick to jump at the chance to work for them. POKER DON"T KISS NO ASS, AND POKER AIN'T NO YES MAN(now you offer me six figures, I'll say yes to everything in 3 languages.) But that's probably why I don't get asked to do a lot of shows with the "30 boys". I'm not in the A - crowd. To hell with them as long as I got My- crowd.

Until next time, take care, and keep your pimp hand strong.