Monday, March 29, 2010

The Yearly Wrestlemania Recap by Gene Jackson

As always I ordered my one pay per view of the year last night.....WRESTLEMANIA! I have to admit having watched more wrestling than I have in the past few years I was pretty excited about watching it.....not to mention now that I have a girlfriend who is excited about watching it with me it was even better than last year when it was just me and my puppy Lola watching it.

Let's go down the line of the full card and I'll give my thoughts on each match......I've been busy all day so I haven't read what anyone else is saying about it which is good cause I prefer to give my reviews without being influenced by other's opinions.....

Unified Tag Team Title
Show-Miz (Miz/Big Show) successfully defended against John Morrison/R-Truth

I can't say I was overly excited about this match but this was the first time the tag team titles have been featured at Wrestlemania in a while and as makeshift teams go Morrison/R-Truth have been a given a little bit of a push lately. Decent little opener with a nice finish that made the champs look good without hurting the challengers too bad. Thumbs up on this one.

Triple Threat
Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase (Jr.)

I'm sorry but I've seen this rivalry drag on on RAW for so long I was just WAY over it before now.......I don't buy Randy Orton as a babyface at this point.....they really should have had Dibiase or Rhodes try to break out as the babyface in this angle rather than Orton who has garnered a lot of legit heat with fans in recent years......Cody really needs a better look as the bare knees, no knee pad look, and basic trunks makes him look like he's a teenager out there trying to wrestle....I know boots and trunks are old school but they just aren't meant for surprises here as Orton puts away the former Legacy with both of his patented finishes..... Thumbs in the middle's good for what it was but it shouldn't have been here in the first place....IMHO....

Money in the Bank Ladder Match featuring: Christian/Matt Hardy/Evan Bourne/MVP/Shelton Benjamin/Kane/Jack Swagger/Kofi Kingston/Drew Mcentyre

This has become one of the highlights for me of Wrestlemania each year and this one pretty good....nothing too memorable but some fun spots like the Kofi stilt spot and such.....I would have like to have seen Kofi win.....or Christian....perhaps poor Shelton Benjamin who normally ALWAYS delivers in these matches but what do we get.....Jack Swagger.........JACK F'N SWAGGER......who couldn't even get the damn case unhooked.....9 guys had to lay on the floor like retards and wait for what seemed like FOREVER for this goof to finally unhook that damn case.....I was screaming at the TV for someone.....ANYONE to knock his ass down because he was fumbling around so long getting it......oh well hopefully this means the ridiculous streak of EVERY money in the bank winner winning the title will finally end......then again maybe not.....Sheamus is of course a FORMER WWE CHAMPION....something they can never take back......sorry but THUMBS DOWN on this one for no other reason but a shitty finish.

Triple H vs. Sheamus my burning hatred for Sheamus is well documented......not a all.....but I have to say he worked a good match here and came out looking pretty good here and unlike many I do think HHH going over was the right call here as it would be looked upon as more of Sheamus being shoved down people's throats and they would shit on him more than they already do......oddly...a thumbs up for this one.

CM Punk w/the Straight Edge Society vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey out in a "Avatar inspired" outfit......ok, whatever.......Punk is sporting a GI JOE inspired outfit so we'll called that a wash......another angle involving Rey's kids which now highlights the fact his son is now about a foot taller than him.......Punk is doing well with his cult leader gimmick finally getting to show the heel potential he showed for years in Ring of Honor back in the day......good match from both guys with a cool complaints......perfectly good wrestlemania filler match....thumbs up!

Grudge Match
Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Mr. McMahon

Ok, I hate to admit it NOW....but this is one of the reasons I ordered the pay per view.....I always liked the Hitman and wanted to see how he'd hold up in the ring after the stroke and all the physical problems he's had in the past several years.....I don't want to be negative but this was by far one of the worst laid matches I've ever seen.......anywhere...period. I didn't expect to see Bret/HBK Ironman revisited but Christ this was devoid of ANY psychology whatsoever!! Perhaps if the reveal of the Hart's double cross came at the end or something but there was NO DRAMA at all....none.....the crowd was dead til the Sharpshooter......granted Bret needed to win....and win convincingly but damn.....there was no heat, no buildup, no comeback....just an uncomfortably long beatdown....I don't know that I've been this disappointed in a match since Sting vs. Hogan at Starrcade '97......just awful......THUMBS DOWN!

World Title
Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Nice back story to this one with the injury and Jericho's insensitive comment while Edge was out.....although if I heard the words "achille's tendon" one more time I think I would have thrown something through the TV....not to mention all that "spear, spear, spear" crap.....however a very good match with a good story and kudos for not going with the obvious Edge returns and wins the title at Wrestlemania finish and allowing Jericho to retain....Jericho has been the most consistent heel in the company in recent years and deserves to reap some rewards for it.....thumbs up!

enough said.....thumbs down!

WWE Title
Batista vs. John Cena

A match that's been a long time coming that had a pretty good build to it.....the Cena haters are out in force with their signs....along with one of the mostly oddly amusing signs I've seen in the crowd that read "BATISTA LIKES FISH STICKS" complete with picture.......I didn't have much in the way of expectations for this match but I have to say I was pleasantly was actually very good in my opinion.....Batista is the modern day Lex Luger who can pull off a good match with a strong opponent and Cena has proven to be quite competent at delivering good matches when called upon. Bit shocked at the tap out finish.....but a good finish all the same........I also loved Cena walking right over to the guys in the 'we hate Cena' shirts and getting a shot on camera of him smiling while holding the belt up in front of them......that kinda stuff amuses the hell out of me and has made me come to respect the guy for taking it all in stride rather than acting like a prima donna who gets his feelings hurt by that kinda stuff......thumbs up!

Streak vs. Career
The Undertaker vs. "HBK" Shawn Michaels

This is the one we all came to see.......HBK my all time favorite wrestler in what we all knew was likely to be his retirement match......Great story told her by two of the best ever in the industry.....not quite as fluid as last year's match, I will always this the previous one was the better match but a great match by anyone's standards and what a way for Shawn Michaels' to leave the ring.......quite poetic in a the end no matter how good you are.....we all go down to the 'Undertaker'.....nice nod to his Flair retirement match at the finish......I can only hope that unlike Flair and Foley and Terry Funk and so many others that this isn't just the first of many. As much as I like to watch Michaels I do think he is picking the right time to walk away......while he's still on top....and still at his one will feel sorry for him or pity him like they do watching the Flair/Hogan abominations over on TNA......A fitting end to an incredible career.......thumbs up!

So there you have it from my perspective.....I didn't love it all but there was more thumbs up than down so I think that's a good thing......Check back soon for another Cheap Heat!