Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Arena Report: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.03.10

----Show opened with them inducting The Colonel “Black Bull” into the ASWF Hall of Fame.
----Little Devil vs Kid J – No contest with Demon X and Wild Bill jumping in.  Casino Kid made the save to set up the main event.
----Dante Cain/Hot Rod Ellison beat Kevin Charles/The Enforcer.  Not great, but not just horrible.  Cain is real green.  Ellison pinned Charles. Enforcer got mad about Charles getting pinned and walked away after Charles lost.  [*3/4]
----Seth Sabor beat Eric Wayne.  This was as good as it could be with Sabor.  Sabor is green as grass, but listened and Wayne got a good match out of him.  Just basic stuff with Sabor getting a pin with a roll over. [**3/4]
----Johnny Hawk beat X-Kalibur in a good fast paced bout.  Both guys were working real hard.  Perfect psychology. A few blotched spots, but nothing major.  Music started to distract X, so Hawk finished him off.  [**3/4]
----Wild Bill beat Kid Nikels.  Nikels looked good here.  Good shine with heat starting when Nikels missed a punch outside the ring and hit the ringpost.  Very smart. Bill pinned Kid.  Demon X comes out and they beat up Kid.  Casino makes the save. [**]
----Cason McCain & “Big Rig” Cody Murdoch with Athena Eclipse beat Christopher Lee/Lee Michaels.  Solid bout with everyone working hard.  Perfect psychology.  Murdoch looked good and has improved a lot.  Michaels is green, but did a good job getting his ass whipped.  Lee with a hot tag – perfect – cut off for the pin.  [***1/4]
----Blue Angel came out to do a mic spill with Austin Lane .  It was announced that Lane would go against Jerry Lynn at the Anniversary show with the stips being if Lane did not win, then he would leave ASWF.  They put over the fact that Lane had wrestled Lynn many times, but never beat him.  Good mic work from both.
----Austin Lane beat Mike Anthony.  A real good match.  They worked it with hot spots in the shine, good heat and some near falls leading to the finish.  Anthony has improved tons from working NEW.  Anthony looked to be going for a lionsault, when Lane hit him in mid-air with a spear for the pin. [***3/4]
----Casino Kid/Kid J beat Little Devil/Demon X.  Not a good match.  X/Casino made a rookie mistake by going to the floor when they were doing a hot spot with the midgets. [J was doing the worm]  Casino has some good punches. Match ended with a double pin. [DUD]
----I did not do an official count or ask, but I would say 200 to 300 people easily in the building.  They always get a big crowd for free shows and big shows…Not familiar with “Black Bull”, but I was told he was Johnny Hawk’s father…X and Devil were dressed     alike and they said that Devil was X’s son. LOL…Enforcer is one of my favorite people to talk to in this dressing room.  He is just funny and a great guy.  This guy was around in the day when guys like Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler and Ken Wayne talked about “outlaw” groups ruining the wrestling business. Now “outlaw” groups run the business. LOL…Wayne is “seasoning” a bit and is in the best shape I have ever seen him in.  Not doing any stupid stuff in the ring and pulled out a good match with Sabor.  Ken Wayne and his partner Danny Davis were always over with the boys, because they could have good matches with ANYONE…Johnny Hawk came up to me in the dressing room and ribbed me about writing bad things about him.  I will have to give him his props, he had me wondering for a few minutes. LOL  Hawk then went out and had the best match I have ever seen him in.  I have always questioned him being booked at the top of shows, but after spending some time talking with him, I do know probably why he is pushed.  He is a likeable guy.  I know someone reading this is going to say that has NOTHING to do with whether he should be pushed or not, but in reality – in this area – it does…Sad to see Nikels have to lose to Wild Bill…Athena Eclipse is still one of my favorite girls [and managers] in the area.  She looks totally different than rest of the girls and works real hard…Blue Angel was dressed in an American flag jacket, but he was a heel??  Funny…Lane gets a bigger reaction than anyone that comes out.  He is the “star” here…The superkick is the most over used move in this area!!!  STOP IT!!....Four of these bouts are TV worthy [four with best star rating] – rest of them not…All three NEW guys on this show did jobs and to much LESSER talent…Thanks to cast and crew – fun time was had by all.