Thursday, April 01, 2010

Arena Report: DCW Jonesboro, AR 3.27.10

----Show opened with a “match” that was just designed to have Southside Brawler come out and challenge Pimptactular.  Match didn’t last long and it featured two trainees.  Did not catch their names??  Brawler challenged Pimp and the winner would get a DCW title shot next week.
----Genesis beat Rod Price when the ref [Tim Daniels – who did a good job] caught a chain.  Just a solid bout with perfect psychology.  Heat started when Price side stepped Genesis and pushed his throat into the top rope.  [good smart heat start] The first time I ever seen Price work was in the World Class days.  He has always been an above average worker.  [**3/4]
----Ron McClarity beat Tejano Kid with Dominique.  The best bout on the show.  They worked a typical old school bout.  Kid/Dominique are the most over heels.  The fans have always hated them.  McClarity [who is a heelish baby] used the ropes to pin Kid. [***1/2]
----Southside Brawler beat Pimptacular.  Match was good, but I expected better.  It went back and forth a little more than I like – not great psychology.  All moves executed were done real well.  Brawler has always been solid.  He took a RKO that I actually ask him about after the match – it looked stiff.  Lots of near finishes building for the end. Brawler finally beat him with a superkick. [**3/4]
----I got to do an angle with Jazz/Simply Luscious.  I gave Jazz her award and Luscious came out to say she deserved the award.  I got to split the girls apart and tell them, “wait until your match later tonight..”
----Purple Haze beat JD Kerry.  Kerry is now a heel and the fans hate him also.  He did a good job trying to get a match out of Haze.  Some of the spots in the wrong places, but Kerry looked flawless.  Not a great bout though. [**]
----Pokerface with Angel-Lena beat Marty Graw.  Perfect match for what it was.  Graw had a hurt back legit, so they did a few spots for shine.  Poker then took over [very smart] and just worked his leg – keeping him on the mat.  Graw never died and kept fighting back.  Poker did a great job carrying a guy that probably shouldn’t even been in the ring. Angel-Lena took a nasty bump at one point. Poker is a very good heel. “Gorillaz” jumped in to hit Graw with a double move to put Poker over. [**1/2]
----Jazz beat Simply Luscious by DQ when Angel-Lena jumped in.  I was surprised to see the girls in the main event, but Jazz is the most over babyface there right now.  Good solid bout – everything looked real good.   Jazz hit a black-hole slam that looked tremendous. Didn’t like non-finish, but they are still building Jazz vs Angel-Lena. [**1/2]
----70+ range in the crowd…Not sure why they call their title belt the “World” title.  I hate that.  World title of Jonesboro ??...Rodney Mack did not wrestle.  He came before the Rod Price match and Price/him look to be joining up as a team.  Mack has some good heat as a heel, but I think he was way more over as a baby…Genesis has a great look. He had a smaller Randy Orton type body and worked hard.  A bit green, but when he came out of it heat he had great babyface fire that impressed me…McClarity/Kid bout started after Kid was trying to get Rick Ruby to wrestle him.  I am just not use to seeing McClarity as a baby.  Tejano might be one of the most underrated in the area for getting heat and can work a real solid bout when in the ring with someone above average.  Ruby did a good job at ringside keeping the crowd going…Pimp keeps improving.  Brawler one of the most underrated in the area also…Well I want to see Kerry against guys like TGB, Stan Lee, Eric Wayne, Alan Steele and Austin Lane…I use to tell guys [and if you have talked to me before you know this is one of my favorite things] – you are not a great worker if you can only have great matches with great wrestlers.  You are great worker if you can have a good match with a bad worker.  Poker [not that Graw is bad – he was just hurt] took a bad situation and got a decent bout out of it.  Poker could probably have a good match with a peg leg one eye monkey…“Gorillaz” are too big huge guys that I was told “work really light” being trained by Mack.  They reminded of the Samoans by their size.  They also looked real young…Angel-Lena has improved to the point where you are not watching her to see what mistakes she is making.  This stint with this group has helped her tons…Luscious looked a lot better than last time I saw her – in the ring and her body…Thanks to cast & crew.  I had a great time!  This is a real good crew that really works hard to get the whole show over.