Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arena Report: MCW Osceola, AR 4.10.10

----Homer Lee/Canadian Phoenix beat Pedro Hambone/BlackJack in the opening bout. Nothing really good about his, except Pedro was bumping. Not good. [DUD]

----Rashard Devon and Bishop came out for an interview. They called out Pokerface. Good segment. Rashard has improved tons on the mic and is easily my favorite manager this year so far. This interview was about the title and how Poker had left the family. Devon even said that Poker was “segregating” and told him that “our president is black now!” Good stuff from all three of them.

----C-Money by DQ over Ray when V-Man and Officer Hudson interfered. Just a solid bout. Ray was in the opening bout [under a hood] and you would have never known it was the same person. Perfect psychology. Money carried him to a good bout. Heels jumped in to make tag match for later. [**3/4]

----Big Daddy LaFonce/Frankie Tucker beat Adrian Stratton/Kilo. Another solid match with perfect psychology. Kilo was on and did a good job. Adrian is a big guy and moves slow. Big Daddy did his part. Tucker got in some chops and a nice dropkick. Lots of shine. Tucker pinned Kilo after hot tag. [**1/2]

----V-Man/Officer Hudson beat Aaron Ecstasy/C-Money in pretty much a TV squash match. V-Man looked really good with just power move after power move on Ecstasy that took the heat. A few “oh shit” moments with V-Man gorilla slamming him from the floor to inside the ring. Hudson worked a little slower. V-Man just beat the hell out of Ecstasy. Perfect psychology. V-Man ended it with a sitdown chokeslam. [**1/2]

----Pokerface beat Bishop with special ref Big Jim in a Ghetto Street fight. This one had it all – signs, blood, stiff shots, great psychology, “oh shit” moments and just solid back & forth. Jim got hit really hard with a Stop sign. Poker juiced good after getting thrown into the announcer’s table and on top of the table. Poker wins and crowd popped. [***3/4]


----110-130 in the building…Money did something that you see from old pros – get a good match out of someone by just telling a story and by calling just simple stuff…Stratton is a guilty pleasure for me. Not a great worker, but he understands what you are suppose to do and just does what he does…Kilo has lost some weight and was good as usual. I would have loved to have seen him against C-Money…Rashard came out with all the heels [as I have said before] – that does not work with every manager, but he pulls it off…Hudson has improved since the first matches I have seen him on IWA…V-Man has always been solid…TJ is turning into a good ref…Bishop, Rashard, Money and Poker all come off as “stars” here. They could work anywhere in the area…Poker does stuff in his matches that NO ONE does in this area. He is easily my pick for MVP Performer this year so far. I would like to see Poker in the ring with guys like Alan Steele [seen a great bout with them a few years back], Christian Jacobs, Stan Lee, TGB and guys like that. Poker against Eric Wayne would be fun also…Big Jim worked for CCW as Big Peter Waldo…As you can tell by the match ratings, there was only one bout that was “off the charts”, but everything was real solid. Crowd was into every bout and seem to have a good time…Photo of Poker [with arms wide open holding the belt] above is one of my favorite wrestling photos [that I have taken] of all time. And remember folks, I have been taking photos since the early 80s…Thanks to MCW for having RRO on our final stop of Yearbook Tour 2010. Great time was had by all.