Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Arena Report: RCW Trumann, AR 4.02.10

Brian Tramel and Ron Rage

----Show started with angle where Matt Riviera jumped Ron Rage and threw green powder in this face. Riviera then hit Rage with a chair leaving him lying.  Good stuff.
----Christian Jacobs beat Bishop to advance to finals of RCW Title tourney.  Both guys working hard here with everything solid.  Two big men.  Bishop did a fall away slam.  They did a superplex for the DKO.  CJ with a roll over for the win. [***]
----Jon Michael beat Ron Rage in pretty much a squash.  But, that is what it was suppose to be because Riviera had beat up Rage.  Michael was beating on him the whole match and Rage even got hardway. Riviera came out and Michael hit Rage with superkick to go to the finals of the RCW Title Tourney. [**]
----An angle with Seth Knight and Rodney Mack.  Knight put over the fact that he was a babyface now.  Brian Thompson introduced Mack.  They put over the fact that Mack had been helping Knight and taking him under his wing.  The next thing Mack said was that Knight needed to learn – “Don’t trust anyone!” and he slugged him.  Mack dominated Knight thru the crowd and then into the ring.  Knight did a great job just selling for Mack putting him over.  Mack finished it with a spear and then speared Knight after the match.  [**1/2]
----Stan Lee beat Greg Anthony in the match of the night.  Just a slow build up to a great match.  Back and forth with perfect psychology and execution.   Two of the best in the area putting on a hell of a match.  I hope this comes across good on TV. Lee with Tajari handstand coming out of heat.  Standing moonsault.  A huge frogslash for the DKO.  Lee ends up pinning TGB. After the match, Bobby Eaton jumps in and they beat up Lee until Chris O’Neal makes the save. Charles "Casino Kid" Moser [playing Commish/Enforcer role] set up the main with “Midnight Gold” vs “High Stakes” and the match started right then.  Match went about 25 minutes. [***3/4]
----“Midnight Gold” [Greg Anthony/Bobby Eaton] beat “High Stakes” [Chris O’Neal/Stan Lee].  Good solid bout.  Finish had Casino [special ref] take a chain away from the heels and accidently hit O’Neal to get pinned. [***]
----Probably close to 50 in the building.  Sad, because this is the best talent in the area.  Fans missed a good show… Riviera is a great heel.  Riviera is calling Rage over the hill and that he should not have beat him.   Riviera did a great interview segment that I am just going to wait for people to watch on TV…If they can use Mack on a regular basis; this angle with Knight will put him over as one of their top babys…Michael vs CJ for finals – wow!!  I can’t wait to see that one!!...It was announced before the Bishop vs CJ bout that Austin Lane no longer worked for RCW, so Lane forfeited his win from last time, which put Bishop in the match…Funny how you can book two matches as almost squashes, but have the potential of putting them over as the two most over babyfaces [Rage/Knight] down the road??...The show has talent from opening to ending – lockerroom is always so happy.  They just come in and do what they are asked.  Easy to do when you believe in the person doing the booking…TGB/Lee proving once again they are two of the tops in the area…As I have said, I am a firm believer in putting people in roles they are best at - Charles "Casino Kid" Moser does a really good job on this show.  He is a great talker and comes off as believable.  I have not always been a fan of his work in the ring, but he has some really good punches and people seem to get behind him in this role…Thanks to cast and crew – a good time was had by all!!!