Friday, April 09, 2010

ASWF Strikes Again - Let The War Begin!!

“This really has nothing to do with RCW. ASWF tried to get TV in different markets, but that was the only one they could find that was affordable. RCW has better talent and will have a better show. ASWF will present a show that is a commercial for people coming out to our weekly show in Tuckerman. They are not going to go to Trumann, Augusta or wherever.” Austin Lane talking with RRO on Sunday morning.

----At that point Lane didn’t even know ASWF was booked for Augusta tonight. They didn’t even plug it at the show Saturday night. The truth is – ASWF has made the next move in this battle. David Walls made the decision to run Augusta , AR [a town that RCW is trying to make a regular stop] on Tuesday of this week. Apparently posters did not go up until yesterday. They are trying to book a show a week before the RCW show. It was also hinted to me that this might have to do with the NEW guys leaving ASWF.

----I guess in this era of wrestling, all is fair; huh?? No one has territories. No one has integrity or loyalty towards one promotion or another?? The main objection I have of all of this is product confusion. If a wrestling fan goes to this ASWF show and they pay $6 for Demon X and Wild Bill, then when it comes to RCW they will think it is the same product. And believe me – it is not. RCW will give them guys like Greg Anthony and Stan Lee for a $10 ticket price and be worth it, but a casual fan will not see that.

----While David Walls is continuing to try to do things to interrupt RCW, RCW is “business as usual” full steam ahead just doing what they do. In this small war of sorts, you have a promotion like RCW that just started promoting that seems to be bothering Walls. Why would they bother him so much?? Isn’t ASWF an established name that should just go on with their business?? As I always say, only time will tell. It will be fun to see how this all ends and it is easily the hottest story so far this year.